Debate Topics For Secondary Schools In Nigeria

What are the perfect debate topics for secondary schools? Debates in secondary schools in Nigeria are an excellent way to enlighten students academically and encourage the development of their ideas. Participating in debates helps students express their opinions, make informed judgments, and attentively listen to various perspectives. These debates resemble a valuable learning experience that significantly enhances critical thinking, public speaking, and crowd-facing skills.

Debate Topics For Secondary Schools In Nigeria

A school debate is a formal discussion where participants present their views, with one group supporting a stance while the opposing group presents a different view. Debates provide a platform for students to engage, offering numerous benefits like improved critical thinking, fostering the habit of public speaking, and enhancing socialization skills.

Furthermore, debates contribute to students’ knowledge, creativity, and speaking abilities. In this article, we’ll explore relevant debate topics for secondary school students in Nigeria, helping them broaden their horizons and develop valuable skills.

List of Debate Topics for Secondary Schools in Nigeria

There is so many debates topic that can be used in Secondary School. In fact, new ones can even be generated from happenings around the country. However, without much ado, let’s look at some debate topics for secondary schools in Nigeria.

  • Should the death penalty be abolished in Nigeria?
  • Should the voting age be reduced to the age of 16?
  • If schools should educate on sex education to students.
  • Should the responsibility for a child’s actions be on his parents?
  • Is it okay if Nigeria implements a system of mandatory voting?
  • Should cell phones be banned in school?
  • Should parents be allowed to home-school their children?

Listed above are the lists of debate topics for secondary schools in Nigeria. So, teachers can pick from any of the above. Guide the children by having both the opposing and supporting teams work on a topic. And have them debate amongst each other. This educates them and enables them to think critically.

Importance of a Good Debate Topic

When selecting a debate topic it’s important to choose relevant, educational, and a debatable topic that regards productive and meaningful information to discuss on. Also, it is important to choose topics that would make them think logically and debate well defending their points. Below are the importance of choosing a good topic to discuss on

  • It encourages engaging and informative debate.
  • When there is a valid argument on both sides each participant goes through the internet to research on new perspectives which brings critical thinking and deeper understanding.
  • If a topic doesn’t create an argument on both sides then it becomes one-sided and none of them will be able to engage in a constructive argument. Also, it will be an easy dialogue without having to move far to gain more knowledge.

With the above, we can understand that it is important to engage in a relevant and educational topic. As it would also generate the interest of the public.

How to Structure a Debate

When debating you have to structure your debate points.  Besides, it gives you more marks while debating. Here’s a guide on how to stricter your debate.

  • Be respectful: Be respectful to your opponents and listen attentively to what they have to say. Then respond in an excellent way. That is, give back a good response.
  • Stay Focused On The Topic: By sticking to the topic you will be clear on your arguments and know how well enough to respond.
  • Use Logical Reasoning: Reason well before arguing. That way you will make more vital points.
  • Use Evidence to Support Arguments: This will make your arguments more persuasive and help to counter your opponent’s argument.
  • Use Clear Language: Use a language that is clear, concise, and easy to understand. Avoid the use of bad words, Pidgin English, and use effectively, the English language.

With the above tips, you will be able to structure the debate topic assigned to you.

How to Participate in a Debate

If you are a secondary school student in Nigeria then it’s important to participate in the debate because it can be rewarding, if you don’t have an idea on how to join a debate here are some tips you can follow.

  • Join a debate club: Many schools have debate clubs where you meet other people who are also interested in debating.
  • Start a debate team in your school: You can start a debate team in your school with students who are likely more interested. it’s also a way you can join the debate.
  • Participate in online debates: Online debates help to know more about the debate. You can also look for students online and ask them to join your debate club where y’all can compete and educate one another.
  • Participate in inter-school debate: Many schools participate in inter-school debate which is more challenging where you meet people with debating qualities. Also, it helps to really know more about debate to show your skills and how perfect you can be with debate.

Above are tips on how you can join a debate team and also be a debater for your school.


Participating in a debate can be a great way in developing more knowledge in your academics and also your speaking skills and also help to build more confidence in whatever you do. It also helps with public speaking. So, join a debate today.