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Do you love to watch horror comedies? Have you streamed Clickbait? If you have streamed it, you would agree with me that it is very interesting.  Clickbait is an exploration of the pressures on people to have performative identities and to seek popularity. The movie satirizes on social media and the way it is used to advertise mundane products invented by radioactive toaster pastry toot strudels. Clickbait is so interesting that it even won an award in 2019 for best feature at Starburst Fantasy Film Awards. Even Daniel XIII of Horror Fuel said that Clickbait is, “a horror-comedy that takes the horror part seriously, along with a heaping helping of surreal visuals, pointed commentary, and toaster pastries.

Clickbait - Watch Clickbait on Netflix | Clickbait Netflix

Clickbait has even received lots of positive reviews. Besides, you can even see everything from the social media part down to the corruption of law enforcement and government. But do not worry as while these themes are being shown, there is true reverence to the horror biz on display also. Clickbait was however released on 25 August 2021. But its principal photography began in the year 2019. And its production series was suspended in March 2020 due to the covid 19 pandemic. Before it later resumed in November and eventually got released recently in August.

Plot of Clickbait Netflix

Clickbait is about a man named Nick Brewer who is a normal family man living a harmless life. Along the line, hell broke loose when he is kidnapped and forced to file a ransom video. Tis is with a series of cue cards that must reach five million views or else, he’s going to lose his life. Subsequently, the cards claimed him to be responsible for a murder and also that he hurts women. Eventually, it happened that nick is killed and his body was found at the end of the second episode. But who was behind the abduction and murder is still yet to be known? Do you know you can discover that simply by watching Clickbait on Netflix? Visit Netflix and discover what this unique story is all about today as it is now available for you to watch.

Casts on Clickbait Netflix

Clickbait Netflix was acted by different unique actors you must have come across in so many other movies. You might even find your favorite actor from an interesting movie you have watched before in this movie. For example, Amanda Colby Stewart acted in so many movies and one of which is my favorite is Go with the flow. Now she’s an actress of the Clickbait and is one of my favorite characters Bailey.  Here are other casts on this movie below;

  • Brandi Aguilar as Emma.
  • Seth Chatfield as Detective Frank Dobson.
  • Ryan James Hilt as Chase.
  • Cedric Jonathan as Brayden.
  • Makeda Kumasi as Professor Vargas.
  • Jennica Olin as Laura.
  • Johannes Grenzfurthner as Wolfgang van Tütstrudel.
  • Sarah Paterson as the living statue.
  • Sophia Cacciola as Mrs. Wilson.
  • Brittnee Hollenbach as Toaster Pastry Enthusiast.
  • Lianne O’Shea as Mike Pence.
  • Michael J. Epstein as Donald Trump.
  • Matt Stuertz as Excited Biology 433: Plant Taxonomy and Human Dissection student.
  • Jill Galbraith as Banana.
  • Jeremy Long as Pickle.

Genre of Clickbait Netflix

Clickbait is the combination of Thriller, comedy, horror, and drama. But it takes its horror part seriously. Therefore, if you are a fan of horror movies. You can stream clickbait as it is just the right movie for you and it is also one of the best in its category and class. To stream, follow the below-listed steps on how to on Netflix.

How to Watch Clickbait on Netflix

Streaming Clickbait on Netflix is very easy to do and it’s just like streaming any other movies using your Netflix account. Before you can stream on Netflix you have to first subscribe to the platform. Although, the subscription is very much affordable. Once you have signed up for clickbait Netflix, you can now follow these steps below to stream this movie on Netflix;

  • Login to your Netflix account via the website or the app
  • Locate the movie you want to stream which is “clickbait”
  • Select the episode
  • Click on it
  • Tap on the play button

While streaming, ensure you have an internet connection to stream clickbait on Netflix. This is so as not to interrupt your movie streaming. Now you have started streaming, enjoy yourself comfortably with your family and friends.