Chinese New Year 2023

We might have clocked the mark of the new year but there are still things we need to learn about the Chinese New Year 2023. As tailored to the difference in the time zone, the date of the Chinese New Year is slowly approaching. And many would be curious to know what’s special about the Chinese New Year. Well, read on in this article to learn all you can about the Chinese New Year and its many cultures.

Chinese New Year 2023

What Date Is The Chinese New Year 2023?

The Chinese New Year 2023 will fall on a Sunday, January 22nd, 2023.  Hence, they will be starting a year of the Rabbit this 2023. Furthermore, this stands as a general public holiday and all Chinese People will take 7 days off work. Starting from January 21st to January 27th in 2023.

What is the Chinese New Year 2023 Animal?

Every Chinese New Year starts with a different animal according to its Chinese horoscopes. However, this Chinese New Year 2023 will be starting as the year of the Rabbit. What’s more, this will be the year of the Water Rabbit. It will be starting on January 22nd, 2023, and will last all the way to February 9th, 2024.

Why Does The Chinese New Year Date Change Every Year?

This is all due to the Chinese Lunar Calendar and which is based on the cycles of the moon and the sun. Furthermore, it is generally 21-51 days behind the Gregorian calendar, which is used globally.

Generally, it is calculated and changes every year but it always falls between the dates of January 21st and February 20th. Moreover, it is a new moon day and is always after the winter solstice.

How Long is the Chinese New Year Holiday?

 China is going to have a general public holiday for its Lunar New Year for 7 days. This is going to happen from Chinese New Year’s Eve to the 6th day of the Chinese lunar calendar. Major corporate companies will be going on a general public holiday. However, large retail outlets and hotels may stay open as they tend to have a busier schedule during those days.

Why Is The Chinese New Year Celebrated?

According to ancient legends, it is said that the celebration of the Chinese New Year started with a battle against the Nian. The Nian was a huge, terrifying beast that always showed up every Lunar New Year’s Eve and would eat people and their livestock. The people however fought back by displaying burned bamboo, lit candles, and red clothes. These traditions happened and carried on to this present time.

What are Chinese New Year Traditions?

There are various other traditions that happen once the Chinese New Year and are widely celebrated by the Chinese. Moreover, their traditions follow the same theme of saying goodbye to the old year and welcoming the new year and all its prosperity.

Here are Chinese New Year activities and traditions that happen every Chinese New Year:

Offering Sacrifices To Ancestors

It was an important tradition to honor the dead on Chinese New Year and this tradition has been kept to date. All people do is visit their ancestor’s graves the day before the New Year and offer sacrifices. It was a show of letting their ancestors ‘eat’ first before they do. Also, they always added an extra glass and would place it at the dinner table on New Year’s Eve.

Exchanging Red Envelopes and other Gifts

The Chinese New Year is always greeted with the red color and this is something that is embedded in their traditions. They would share a red envelope called ya sui qian and this is an act of suppressing Sui money. Those who received a red envelope are wished another safe and peaceful year.

Setting Off Firecrackers and Fireworks

Setting off firecrackers and fireworks is always seen during festive periods and the Chinese New Year is also one of them. However, setting them off is a way of scaring off evil and welcoming the new year’s arrival.

Cleaning and decorating the house With Red things

 As mentioned before, Red is a must-see color on Chinese New Year as the color is a huge part of the celebration. People would clean their houses thoroughly before Spring Festival as it symbolizes sweeping away bad luck. Then, red is decorated as the color denotes energy and prosperity for the Lunar New Year.

How Do I Say “Happy Chinese New Year” in Chinese?

When people meet their colleagues, friends, relatives, or even strangers during the New Year’s period, they are polite to say the common greetings to them. They usually say to them “Xīnnián hǎo” (新年好)”. This means ‘New Year Goodness’. Another goes like this “Xīnnián kuàilè” (新年快乐)”. This means ‘Happy Chinese New Year’.

If perhaps you have a Chinese friend to whom you want to wish a Chinese new year, it is pretty easy to learn the word.