Chinese New Year 2022 – Date, Symbol, And Celebration

How excited are you about the Chinese New year 2022 that is around the corner? No doubt, the Chinese New Year is an event that is celebrated every year by the Chinese people and it is also a festival that is celebrated to mark the beginning of a new year according to the Chinese lunisolar calendar.

However, now the New Year event we are about to celebrate is the Chinese New Year 2022. And it is no doubt that all the traditional rites which are always performed every other year during this event would also be performed for this year’s event. And all countries across the east and west would also observe it. These countries include; China, Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Singapore.

Every New Year in China and other countries is always celebrated specially. Besides, it is one of the most important events according to their tradition. So without a doubt, the Chinese New Year 2022 would be celebrated greatly the same way other years have also been celebrated.

And during this event, families would visit each other to spend time, share and exchange red envelopes and gifts, watch fireworks together, wear new clothes and also avoid doing forbidden things so as not to bring bad luck in the New Year. Because it is believed that the beginning of the New Year determines how the year continues and ends.

When is the Chinese New Year 2022?

 The Chinese New Year 2022 is around the corner. It however falls on Tuesday on the 1st of February. But before then preparations would be made as the Eve which is the last day of the year (Jan 31st) is also celebrated. So you should anticipate and prepare greatly for that day. Then you can travel out to also have fun celebrating the Chinese New Year 2022.

What is the Symbol of this Year’s celebration

The Symbol of the Chinese New Year is the symbol of Tiger. The Tiger is considered to be a brave, forceful and very cruel animal. And this shows the symbol of power according to the customs and traditional beliefs of the Chinese people. Also, according to their tradition, anyone born in the year of the Tiger takes the traits of the Tiger. They then become powerful, dynamic, rebellious, adventurous, unpredictable, fiery, and impulsive.

How to Celebrate the Chinese New Year

There are several ways the Chinese celebrate their new year. And most times, they do celebrate it according to their tradition in order not to make their year a bad one. As every celebration is meant to usher out the old year and welcome the new one which is believed to bring luck and prosperity. Here are some things families do in order to celebrate the New Year below;

  • Clean their homes and decorate them with red
  • Have family reunion dinner
  • Render sacrifices to their ancestors
  • Have outdoor events like making and watching fireworks and also dancing dragons.
  • Observe the Chinese new year TV and gala
  • Stay up late
  • Exchange gifts and give out red envelopes

You can observe all of these during the Chinese New Year 2022 and trust me it would be so much fun because you would be doing it with your families and even your loved ones to make them all happy and welcome the New Year with plenty of luck.