Child-Only Health Insurance: Types and Cost

Keeping children safe and healthy is the priority of parents around the world. Because of the unpredictable nature of children, accidents and unexpected emergencies that require medical attention may occur. Health insurance coverage for your kids creates peace of mind for parents and covers unexpected finances. In this case, child-only health insurance may come in handy, but what is child-only health insurance?

Child-only health insurance is a type of insurance that covers the payments for children’s medical bills along with other preventive care. In addition, this insurance is available through the Affordable Care Act marketplace. It is offered through the Children’s Health Insurance Program,, and health insurance companies.

Based on your eligibility, the best child-only health coverage is regulated. You may be able to shop this coverage if you qualify for premium tax credits. However, there are different companies you can consider buying health insurance from, but before you proceed with that, read through their write-up for insights on this insurance.

Types of Child-Only Health Insurance

There are various types of companies where you can purchase health insurance for children. Each company offers benefits as well as disadvantages. Because of this, parents are advised to compare insurance providers to find the one that best suits their financial status. The following are types of child-only health insurance:

  • Medicaid: This insurance company offers the cheapest insurance coverage options for children who are from a low-income family.
  • Catastrophic health insurance plans: They offer low monthly premiums on insurance coverage plans for children under 15, along with health benefits.
  • Private insurance plans from health insurance companies: These insurance plans are obtained directly from a health insurance company or agent. It is another way to ensure children who cannot get insurance on their own.
  • Affordable Care Act marketplace plans: This insurance determines insurance rates based on the income of parents. This is best for children.
  • Children’s health insurance program: This also offers very cheap child-only health insurance options for children. Also, it was much easier to qualify for.
  • Short-term health insurance: These insurers offer the best coverage that may entice you.

How Much Does It Cost?

An average monthly cost of $300 is charged for child-only health insurance for children under age 15. For an 18-year-old child, an average monthly cost of $354 is charged for health insurance.

However, the actual insurance cost depends on how your coverage was obtained, the type of coverage, the particular coverage taken, and the insurance company. Insurance companies in the ACA marketplace determine this insurance based on rates, the child’s age, and smoking status. The table below illustrates the average costs for children under 15.

Health Insurance CompanyMonthly Average
Blue Cross Blue Shield$337
Kaiser Permanente$255
Molina healthcare$288
United Healthcare$296

The average costs of this insurance for children who are 18 years of age are:

Health Insurance CompanyMonthly Average
Blue Cross Blue Shield$399
Kaiser Permanente$293
Molina healthcare$330
United Healthcare$345

The ACA allows parents to keep their children on their parent’s health insurance plan until they turn 26. The best health insurance for young adults varies from each other depending on the insurance cost.

What Is the Best Child-Only Health Insurance?

The best child-only insurance depends on some factors considered by insurers. Aside from these factors, what you are eligible for also determines the best insurance you can get. Some of these eligibilities are:

  • If you are eligible for a CHIP or Medicaid plan that offers cheaper comprehensive coverage options,.
  • If you qualify for co-saving subsidies and premium tax credits, depending on your income,.

In cases where you are not eligible for any of the two, you can purchase an ACA plan directly from a health insurance company or at

What is the Best health insurance for a child?

If you are a low-income person, CHIP and Medicaid are the best child-only health insurance you can get. ACA health insurance is also another health insurance option best for a child. Also, they offer discounts on your child’s insurance costs depending on your income and allow you to select your preferred coverage level.

How to Get a Coverage

Some adults add their children to their health insurance plan. This can be done at any time if you are eligible for it. Some eligible events include adoption, birth, divorce, marriage, and so on. If you do not prefer this process, you can purchase child-only health insurance for a child.