CBN New York – CBN Network

If you want to stay informed on world breaking news from a Christian perspective the CBN New York is the best platform. However, CBN New York brings today’s news top headlines and all the latest national and international news 24 hours a day. Also, the platform allows subscribers to be current on all world exclusive news. With the CBN team of journalists who are dedicated. And timely in-depth, truthful reporting and always providing you with the coverage you wouldn’t see anywhere else.

CBN New York - CBN Network

CBN New York also keeps up with stories of faith from every corner of the globe. From our nation’s capital to Israel to issues related to the church worldwide. However, the platform gives breaking news as it happens and experience all the latest news through. Extensively covered stories, exclusive photos, and news videos. Also getting exclusive reporting from Washington D.C, Jerusalem and other locations around the world. 

Also, CBN New York gives impact to the global Christian community which gets users to stay tuned on the following topics. National Security, Politics, entertainment and Health and watch your favorite shows anytime free. Users also get to stay current with the live news channel that is available 24/7. And completely free which is available for mobile apps.

Where can I find the CBN News Channel?

CBN News Channel is a 24hour Christian news network in which the channel is available in 25 markets airing on KHIZ Los Angeles. Also, WUEO Atlanta, WUDL Detroit, KBGU St. Louis, and WKUW Nashville, along with stations in Indianapolis, Kansas City, Milwaukee. Oklahoma City, Norfolk, Memphis, Wichita, Springfield, MO, Shreveport and Lubbock, Texas. However, The CBN News Channel features a mix of live and breaking news coverage. From the networks Washington D.C bureau and other locations.

How to Set Up a CBN New York news channel?

Local television stations broadcast their shows Over-The-Air (OTA) so all you need is to pick up the CBN News Channel is a TV and an antenna. However, CBN New York could also be streamed on the official website. From the Mobile App which is available in all apps. Such Android and iOS app stores respectively for free with a user-friendly mode. Here are a few steps on how to set up a CBN New York News Channel;

  • Attach your digital antenna to the ANT/IN connector on the back of your TV with coaxial cable.
  • Then go to the tuner mode on the setup Menu and select Antenna or Air see your Tv manual for detailed instructions.
  • Next Select Auto Channel Scan, Scan Channels or the closest option to search for channels that are available in your area.

Note: you can stream the CBN New York News on your computer web browser via

CBN New York is the nearest platform for 24/7 news updates which is made possible and users get to request your free guide. However, with the 3 easy steps mention above users get to set up and ready to watch. 24 hours a day news from a perspective you can trust.