Car Insurance Quotes in Maryland – Get Cheap Insurance Quotes

Are you in search of the best and cheapest car insurance quotes in Maryland? No need to worry, this article can help you find the right car insurance quotes for 2022 in Maryland. Therefore, read through this write-up till the end.

Car Insurance Quotes in Maryland
Car Insurance Quotes in Maryland – Get Cheap Insurance Quotes

In the meantime, shopping for an auto insurance policy is important, but finding the right quote can be challenging. This is because there are several auto insurance quotes online. You will first need to compare rates from multiple insurers before selecting a policy and rate that suit your budget and needs. 

Based on our research, the average cost of car insurance quotes in Maryland is $2,062 annually and about $172 monthly. However, it is possible to get a cheaper quote online once you meet your insurer’s requirements and conditions.

For instance, Geico offers one of the most competitive rates in Maryland, which means you might likely get a cheap and affordable quote. It should be noted that several factors can determine the cost of a car insurance quote, ranging from age, driving history, coverage amount, credit score, and more. 

Can I Find Cheap Maryland Auto Insurance Quotes Online?

Yes, you can shop for or find cheap auto insurance quotes online, and they are very reliable to use. Many auto insurance companies allow their customers to compare rates via their websites and search for a plan that fits their budget and needs.

However, you will need to enter some personal and financial information as this will enable them to provide you with a perfect quote. Information and details such as your name, driver’s ID, car model or registration number, occupation, vehicle identification number, estimated annual mileage, and more.

You can also find the right quote by speaking to a local auto insurance agent across your state or region. Another quick and easy way to find quotes is by contacting the number displayed on the insurer’s website or visiting any of their branches in person.

Top 5 Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in Maryland in 2022

In this section of the article, we will be discussing some of the top and best auto insurance companies with affordable and cheap quotes for 2022. Meanwhile, when shopping for auto insurance quotes, it is important that you check out the policies of the company, their customer service, customer reviews, claims history, and more.

This will enable you to make the right decision. Nonetheless, you can make use of our review to select the most affordable and cheap car insurance quotes in Maryland. Below are the companies to check out:


Geico Auto Insurance Company is one of the most popular and top auto insurance companies in America with a wide range of coverage. The company offers low and affordable coverage that can be accessed via their official website or through their mobile app for Android and iOS users.

Their services and products are available in 50 states, including Washington, D.C. You can get an auto insurance quote for about $119 a month from Geico. Quotes are available for young drivers, people with bad credit scores, drivers over 20 years of age, and much more. To get a Geico car insurance quote, first visit their official website to check their eligibility and requirements.

Nationwide Auto Insurance Company

Nationwide is another top auto insurance company with amazing discounts and services. Based on research, the company has a lower number of complaints than any other company. You can get standard and full auto insurance coverage from the company with top-notch benefits and features.

The nationwide average cost is about $119 per month. But you can apply for discounts such as multi-policy, anti-theft, accident-free, good student, safe driver, paperless discount, and more. You can access nationwide services by visiting their official website on your computer web browser

Erie Insurance Group

Erie offers one of the best auto insurance quotes for 18-year-old drivers and is affordable. You can get a quote for insurance coverage for a price tag of about $2043 annually. You can get standard and full auto insurance coverage with this company and even customize your coverage.

In addition, the company offers different discounts, such as safe driving, multi-policy, multi-car, car safety equipment, young drivers, reduced usage discount, and more. New customers can apply for auto insurance coverage with Erie Insurance Group directly from their official website, or you can speak to any of their agents online.

MetLife Insurance Company

MetLife is another popular and well-known auto insurance company that provides an array of insurance options. Beyond auto insurance, you can also shop for home, life, and dental insurance, and many more coverage options. They offer standard auto insurance coverage, including collision, liability, and comprehensive, uninsured, and underinsured motorist coverage.

It is also amongst the few car insurance companies that offer Gap Coverage with amazing benefits and features. MetLife offers average coverage for around $1,400 per year with premium services. Also, you get to enjoy discounts such as the Deductible Savings benefit, Multi-Policy, Good Student, Defensive Driver discount, and more. You can visit their official website to get an online policy.


USAA is a top-ranked auto insurance company with amazing customer service, products, good reviews from customers, and more. Its services are, however, accessible only to active and retired military members and selected family members.

For a price tag of about $1732, you can shop for car insurance coverage with USAA. However, you can apply for their various discounts, such as Defensive Driving, Safe Driver, New Vehicle, Good Student, and more. You can get standard and full auto insurance coverage with options such as liability, uninsured motorist, collision, and comprehensive coverage.

Other coverage includes roadside assistance, accident forgiveness, rental reimbursement, and more. You can also apply for and get a car loan with USAA. But you must meet the required requirements. Visit the official website of the company for help.