Car Insurance Coverage For Towing

Car Insurance Coverage For Towing – Imagine you are driving down a route, and all of a sudden, your car sputters and comes to a halt. The engine is silent, and you need to cover a few miles to get to the nearest town. This means that you need a tow. Apart from this, many questions are running through your mind, like how you are going to foot the bill for towing and how to get your car to the nearest mechanic. This brings you to an important question: does car insurance cover towing?

Car Insurance Coverage For Towing

It is important to understand whether your auto insurance covers towing. This is especially true if you find yourself in a situation where you are stranded on the road. Keep in mind that towing coverage can differ based on the specifics of your policy and the type of insurance you have. Now, let us find out the answer to your question.

Car Insurance Coverage For Towing

Does car insurance cover towing? Yes, auto insurance does cover towing. However, that is only if you choose towing coverage or road assistance as a part of your policy. Typically, standard quotes do not add towing unless the vehicle is involved in an accident and the towing is part of the comprehensive or collision coverage.

When Does Car Insurance Cover Towing?

Your car insurance might cover towing in the following events:

  • Roadside Assistance: If you have roadside assistance coverage in your policy, towing services are usually included when your vehicle breaks down due to electrical or mechanical issues.
  • After an Accident: Generally, if towing is covered under your comprehensive or collision policy and your vehicle is involved in an accident, towing is covered.
  • Mechanical Breakdown Insurance: Some insurance providers provide this special coverage, and towing services may be included if your car breaks down as a result of a mechanical issue that is covered.

When Does It Not Offer Coverage?

Here are scenarios where car insurance will not cover towing:

  • No Roadside Assistance in Policy: If roadside assistance or specific towing coverage is not part of your policy, you will have to pay for any towing costs out of your pocket.
  • Exceeding Policy Limits: If the towing costs surpass your policy coverage, you will have to make up for the difference.
  • Towing for Non-Covered Reasons: Maintenance issues that result in towing will not be covered by car insurance. 

How to File a Car Insurance Claim for Towing After an Accident

If you have an auto insurance policy that has towing as part of its coverage, here is how to file a claim after an accident:

  • Notify Your Insurer: Reach out to your insurance company immediately after the accident to tell them and begin the claims process.
  • Documentation: Provide all the important information related to the accident and the towing service. For example, a police report, if required, and receipts.
  • Claim Submission: Follow your insurance provider’s process for claim submission; you may need to fill out the claim form and provide additional details.
  • Approval and Reimbursement: Once your claim is processed and approved, you will then receive reimbursement to cover the expenses mentioned in your quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does getting your car towed affect your insurance?

Getting your car towed itself does not affect your insurance premiums. However, the reason for towing, such as an accident, can influence your rates.

Does car insurance cover towing for breakdowns?

Towing due to breakdowns is typically covered under roadside assistance if it is added to your policy. But not under standard collision or comprehensive insurance without this addition.

What is Roadside Assistance?

Roadside assistance is an add-on coverage that helps drivers in cases of mechanical failure, lockouts, flat tires, dead batteries, and other similar roadside issues. It often includes towing services up to a specified limit.

Does roadside assistance cover towing?

Yes, most roadside assistance programs include towing services, usually up to a certain number of miles or the nearest service station.

How Do I Know If My Car Insurance Covers Towing?

To find out if your insurance policy covers towing, check your policy details. This is under the coverage sections for towing coverage or roadside assistance. Alternatively, you can reach out to your insurance agent or customer service for clarification.

What types of car insurance policies typically include towing?

Towing coverage is usually not included in basic liability policies. It is often available as an optional add-on under roadside assistance packages. Or can be part of comprehensive and collision insurance policies. This covers towing if the vehicle is damaged due to an accident or other insured events.

Is towing automatically covered after an accident?

If you have collision or comprehensive coverage, towing is generally covered if your vehicle is not drivable after an accident. However, it is important to check the specifics of your policy, as coverage limits and conditions may apply.

Does using my towing coverage increase my premiums?

Typically, using towing services under your roadside assistance does not affect your premiums. However, frequent claims might be viewed as a higher risk, which could impact your rates. It’s best to check with your insurer.