Canada Work Permit – How to Get a Canadian Work Permit

In this review, we will be discussing Canada Work Permit, including how to obtain a work permit, how to apply, the requirements and documents needed, and more. What is a Canadian Work Permit? Nevertheless, a work permit is a legal document that allows an international visitor to work in Canada. Meanwhile, as a business owner or a student, you can apply for a Canadian work permit from anywhere in the world and achieve your goal. Meanwhile, many skilled foreign workers from all around the world typically find Canada to be an appealing alternative.

Furthermore, research shows that approximately one million foreign skilled workers enter Canada each year on Temporary Canada Work Permit in search of greener pastures. However, a foreign skilled employee must have a temporary offer of employment from a Canadian company and a Temporary Foreign Worker Permit from Human Resources and Skills Development Canada to work in Canada temporarily.

How do I Obtain a Canada Work Permit?

However, Because there are different types of Canadian work permits, including a work permit from a Canadian employer, from the Labor Market Impact Assessment, and others that require a connection to Canada, such as previous education, your spouse, or sponsorship. Nonetheless, the process of obtaining a Canadian work permit therefore varies.

However, there are two major ways of obtaining a Canada Work Permit, which include a closed work permit or an open Canadian work permit. Also, while the closed work permits are tied to some employers, this means that a foreigner with a closed work permit must remain working for his or her employer at the same location unless they change their work permit. On the other hand, an open is not job-specific like a closed or restricted work permit.

Who is Eligible for a Canadian Work Permit?

 Before you can apply for a Canada Work Permit, you need to understand and know the general eligibility requirements. Below are the general eligibility requirements;

  • Convince an official that when your work permit expires, you will leave Canada.
  • Clearly show that you have enough money to support yourself and your family while in Canada and when you return home.
  • You must follow the law and have no criminal history it might not be necessary to bring a police clearance certificate).
  • Canada’s security should not be threatened.
  • Be in good health and, if applicable, undergo a medical examination.
  • Not intend to work for an employer on the list of non-compliant employers with the classification “ineligible.”
  • Striptease, exotic dance, escort services, or erotic massages should not be considered regular jobs.

Lastly, provide any further documentation requested by the officer to confirm your eligibility to enter the country.

Documents Needed to Apply for a Canadian Work Permit

In this section of the article, we will be listing some of the official documents applicants will need to apply for a Canada Work Permit. Check out the outline below for all the documents needed to start your application;

  • Complete and accurate filled Application Form.
  • Evidence of Canadian residency (if applicable).
  • Proof of status of a family member (if applicable).
  • Evaluation of the Labor Market (if applicable)
  • Employer’s written offer (if applicable).
  • Resume/CV.
  • Certification of marriage (if applicable)
  • The Québec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) is a document. It certifies that a person has been accepted by the government of Québec (if applicable)
  • Demonstrate that you are qualified for the position.
  • Copy of your passport that is in good condition
  • A copy of your diploma
  • The findings of the medical exam (if requested)
  • Financial proof of ability to remain in Canada and return to your home country
  • Proof of payment of any government fees that may be owed.
  • Passport-size photographs taken recently.

How to Apply?

Depending on the type of work permit you require, the application process differs. The first step is to figure out which work permit is most appropriate for you. However, here are the stages you will need to follow;

  • The company submits an application for a Labor Market Impact Assessment.
  • The employer will extend the temporary job offer.
  • Then, the foreign worker submits an application for a work permit.
  • Finally, this is the end of issuing a work permit.

How Long does it take to Obtain my Canada Work Permit?

The length of time for processing a work permit application is determined by the type of work permit users want. Also, the applicant’s current country of residency. Based on our research, the processing duration varies from a few weeks to several months. You can also visit the official Canadian work permit website online for further information and details.