Can I Get Life Insurance While Pregnant?

Yes, it is possible to get life insurance while pregnant which is determined by the medical exam results. Additionally, favorable rates are available if you don’t have specific pregnancy complications or a history of them. Furthermore, waiting to secure life insurance after pregnancy, could result in favorable rates in certain situations. However, it’s advisable to apply for life insurance as early as possible.

Can I Get Life Insurance While Pregnant?

Moreover, if you already secure life insurance, there are certain riders you may consider including in your coverage when pregnant or preparing to expand your family. Lastly, it’s important to inform the healthcare professional conducting the medical exam about your pregnancy.

How Does Pregnancy Affect Life Insurance Rates

Pregnancy represents a factor affecting your insurance risk. Life insurance premiums are determined by calculating your lifespan and health risks, utilizing factors such as age, gender, and medical record.

Additionally, factors such as weight gain and complications like gestational diabetes or preeclampsia are specific examples that can impact the quotes you receive for life insurance.

Weight Gain

Various insurance providers utilize your pre-pregnancy weight as a basis for setting premiums, although some may consider your weight to result in higher premiums. Moreover, other insurers might only assess whether you are increasing weight within a specific level and add your premium if weight gain exceeds anticipated levels.

Generally, if you apply for insurance postpartum, having documentation of your pre-pregnancy weight will be of assistance. Various insurers will continue to use your pre-pregnancy weight for premium calculations until six months after childbirth.


Even if you quit smoking before becoming pregnant, it is important to inform your insurance provider. In many events, you must avoid smoking for at least a year before you can classify yourself as a non-smoker. The requirements include vapes and alternative nicotine replacement products.

Alcohol Consumption

While some women refrain from alcohol during pregnancy, insurance providers may still request about their alcohol consumption habits. In addition, you will be inquired whether they have changed over the past five years. This is because insurers seek a comprehensive understanding of your typical lifestyle patterns.


Your life insurance application might be delayed or approved with a higher premium if you encounter of complications a high-risk pregnancy. Such complications and indications may include:

  • Complications in a past pregnancy
  • Gestational diabetes from a present or past pregnancy
  • High cholesterol levels
  • Numerous pregnancies involving triplets or more
  • Background record of postpartum depression
  • Preeclampsia
  • Pregnancy occurs at age 45 or above.

When To Apply For Life Insurance If You Are Pregnant

The great period to secure life insurance is before becoming pregnant. Pregnancy is regarded as a medical term by life insurance providers and it could lead to increased premiums.  

Additionally, whether you are planning a family, purchasing life insurance before childbirth may assist you in securing minimum rates. However, obtaining coverage during the first trimester of pregnancy is the right choice.

Typically, a pregnancy-related complication during this time and weight gain tends to be minimal compared to later stages of pregnancy. Furthermore, if you are facing any pregnancy complications, your insurer agent might advise you to postpone your application until after childbirth.

This outcome allows your body to return to its normal state. Most providers take into consideration your past pregnancies or your age during pregnancy.

If you have a history of complications, it may be best to delay your application and revisit it six to twelve months after your child is born.

Will Pregnancy Increase My Life Insurance Premiums

If you apply for life insurance while pregnant, it does not increase your premium. The expense of life insurance is determined by factors including;

  • Your overall health condition
  • Any pre-existing medical conditions
  • Your family’s medical history
  • Your lifestyle choices.

If your pregnancy progresses without complications, it typically does not affect the expense of life insurance premiums. However, if you have a pregnancy-related medical condition like gestational diabetes, there may be a temporary effect on the cost of your premiums.

Do I Need To inform The Insurer That You Are Pregnant?

Yes, you must inform the insurer of your pregnancy, as most insurance providers inquire about pregnancy during the application process. Pregnancy can significantly affect your general health, especially if you have pre-existing conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes, which may be increased during pregnancy.

Additionally, if you intentionally conceal or misrepresent your pregnancy, it will be recognized as a life insurance fraud.  In cases of fraud, your policy could be terminated, and your beneficiaries’ claim might be rejected after your passing. However, if you conceive while already holding an active policy, there is no need to notify your insurer.

How To Buy Life Insurance If You Are Pregnant

Purchasing life insurance while pregnant can be straightforward.

Fill Out Your Application

You can reveal your pregnancy on the health questionnaire of your application, including your due date and any prescribed medications.

Take a Medical Exam

This is a standard procedure in the life insurance application process. Additionally, certain insurers might not need you to participate in the exam if you are in your first trimester without complications. This implies that you will respond to some extra health-related questions over the phone or online.

Wait For Application

Your agent will inform you when the insurance company issues a final policy offer, which may extend up to a few weeks.

Accept the Offer and Pay the Premium

Once you receive a decision from the insurance provider, you can proceed to sign the final document to secure your coverage.


You can obtain life insurance at any time before, during, or after your pregnancy. However, if you have encountered or are currently facing complications, your application may be delayed.