Business To Start With 150k In Nigeria

What could be a lucrative business that I can start in Nigeria with 150K? If you are looking to launch a business that will be lucrative and earn you more profits, many people worry about how much startup capital they need.

Business To Start With 150k In Nigeria

However, it is possible to start a successful business in Nigeria with just a startup capital of 150,000k. If you are looking for business ideas that you can consider, this article has some good options to offer you.

10 Business Ideas That You Can Start in Nigeria With 150k

If you are looking for a business idea that you can start in Nigeria and you have a startup capital of 150k, here are some of the best businesses you can consider:

Eatery Business

Nigeria has a wide range of amazing foods that they love to try out on a daily basis. Since people love and need to eat, you can try starting a small eatery business with the 150k cash you have in your hand.

You simply have to look for a clean environment and start making tasty, delicious foods to entice your customers. Furthermore, this is one business that will reap large profits in the growth process. Also, if you want to scale up your business, you could expand to catering for events and more.

POS Business

A popular business model that is also the rave in Nigeria is the use of POS machines. The POS business requires you to readily provide cash to your customers in exchange for a profit on the services.

Not only do you have to get the POS machines available, but you also need to have sufficient cash to be able to attend to as many people as possible. So, with your 150k, you can easily use it to get POS machines and have cash to supply to others while making profits.

Laundry Business

A large number of people in the country have been known to start their laundry businesses, and they have success stories to tell. Opening a laundry business is a great business idea where you collect dirty clothes from people, wash, dry, and iron them till they are good and clean.

What’s more, if you live in a populated area where people with daily jobs live, you can make profits by offering your services to them. Also, the sum of 150k can be put to good use when acquiring the necessary equipment and tools to run the business.

Phone Accessories Business

Almost everyone has a smartphone that they use in Nigeria. So, a smart and lucrative business that you can also start is launching a phone accessories business. You could buy accessories like earpieces, phone cases, chargers, headphones, speakers, and many more.

Buying in bulk helps you get most of them at cheap prices, which you can later sell to make profits. Furthermore, you can look for a small shop to rent where you can also display all your accessories in a colorful way to attract customers.

Pastries and Baking Business

From Monday to Sunday, everyone loves to have a taste of baked or fried goodies from vendors who have them to sell. So, if you are someone who has an interest in baking and all, you can easily start a bakery business with a sum of 150k.

If you are in an open area, you can start by selling popular common goods like small cakes, chin chin, egg rolls, plantain chips, puff puffs, and the like. Little by little, you can further expand your bakery business to sell small chops for events like big weddings and birthday parties.

Jewelry Business

Everyone likes a gold, silver, or platinum jewelry piece adorning their ears, nose, fingers, or necks. So, a really great business idea that you can launch is opening a jewelry business.

You can sell fashionable jewelry pieces like rings, earrings, bangles, wristwatches, necklaces, chains, and more. Furthermore, a startup capital of $150k can get you enough quality pieces in large quantities from reliable wholesalers to sell to your customers.

Selling Clothes

Whether you are selling high-quality or second-grade clothes, aka ‘Okrika, starting a clothing business is one of the best business ideas that you can launch in Nigeria.

Even if you decide to sell English wear or native clothing materials like Ankara, lace, and so on, as long as they are fashionable, they will be a hot piece in the market to sell to customers. What’s more, starting with a startup capital of $150k will surely take you far as long as you factor in other things like whether you want to rent a shop or not.


If you want to enter the space of starting a business online, you can try launching a blogging business. With the rave happening globally on the internet, you can easily make money when you start blogging on the internet. When you start a blog business, you create a website, buy a domain name, and you can start publishing articles like news, tutorials, and so on.

Launch a Gaming Shop

There are many people, both young and adults, who made the decision to launch a gaming shop, and they have yielded great profits. To start this business, you will need equipment that will make it run.

Hence, you will need to purchase a generator, a widescreen TV, pads, a PS or Xbox game player, and rent a small shop. So, with the sum of 150k, you would have accomplished so much for you to start your business.

Open a Food Stuff Business

Another great business idea that you can launch in Nigeria with about 150k is a foodstuff business. Launching a foodstuff business means you buy foodstuff that people buy for their everyday meals.

Moreover, you have to purchase things like spaghetti, wheat, corn, garlic, rice, beverages, and other food items that are necessities. This is a great business idea for you to launch, and with a startup capital of 150k, you can really do a great job of getting started in your business, especially in Nigeria.


These are some fantastic business ideas that you can launch with a meaningful sum of 150k in Nigeria. Furthermore, it is necessary that you keep inventory and have a budget for all things necessary, as this keeps you on track.