Do you know aside from the Bumble dating app, you can also access Bumble via a web browser? As you know, not everyone likes staring at their phone screen all day long while texting their loved ones. Most people desire to text their loved ones using a larger screen. This is why the web version of Bumble was created to give you the same amazing features and pleasure as the Bumble app. And the cool thing about this, is you don’t necessarily need a phone.

Bumble Web - Access Bumble On Your PC | Bumble Web Login

If you can’t access the bumble app on your phone, you need not worry. By using the Bumble web on your browser, you can also enjoy the same features as the app. Allowing you to connect with people from all over the world and who knows. You may just happen to find your long-waited life partner on the platform. Bumble web was created with some amazing features just like the app-based version.

Bumble web has the same similar functions and features as the app. To access Bumble web, simply visit the official site via your browser either on your desktop and PC. On your browser, go to to log in or create a profile using your Facebook account, Apple ID, or mobile number. If you are already an existing user already, you need not worry, you will be redirected to your profile the same profile you see on your mobile app.

Bumble Web Features

On the Bumble web, you can make use of all the similar features as you can use on the phone. However, there is a Lil bit of difference when it comes to swiping and the UI. Here are the features of the Bumble website.

  • Swiping of profile sideways (left and left)
  • Upload and remove your photos
  • You can Edit your profile and add filters
  • One of the importance of the bumble site is to text and meet people, right? So there is no way the bumble web could be created without a chatting features.
  • You can use the backtracks to cancel left swipes
  • Make sure to verify your bumble profile to get the blue checkmark
  • Make a subscription and use the bumble boost features
  • Purchase a bumble coin
  • Be sure to check your bumble beeline
  • Activate bumble spotlight and don’t forget to use the Bumble SuperSwipe

Just like you have seen, most of the Bumble features can be used the same way on the Bumble website as the mobile app. You can also create your account on the Bumble website as well. It’s quite easy to access Bumble web. All you need to do is open up a web browser and type in and there you go.

Bumble Web Login

So, once you are on the Bumble web homepage, you will see a login link. Thus, if you are yet to have a Bumble account, you can create an account on the Bumble website as well. You can log in by signing into Facebook or adding your mobile number. You can sign up for Bumble the same way by either connecting your Facebook account or adding your phone number. This will allow bumble to identify that you are not a robot.

Why Should I Use Bumble Website

Here are some advantages of using the Bumble web rather than the original Bumble mobile app.

  • One of the coolest advantages of using a bumble web is the typing speed on a desktop keyboard versus typing on a mobile phone touch screen.
  • You can cough out way more characters using a desktop keyboard. So just if you happen to have tons of matches and have conversations with them, its saves you a lot of time.
  • If you happen to be a bumble addict and you want to limit your additions to the mobile app, it’s also a great productivity hack to delete the app from your phone and use the desktop computer or laptops (not to worry, it’s the app you are deleting not the account).
  • Its quicker to go through matches and conversations.

Can Bumble Web Be Used On Phones?

Definitely yes. When you visit via a web browser on a phone, it will ask you to download the app. So, NO you can’t use Bumble web on your mobile phone. Bumble web was mainly developed majorly for you to use Bumble on your desktops and tablets.

Personally, I prefer using the Bumble web. This is because of my addiction to it the app. I couldn’t just go a day without visiting the site. But with the help of the Bumble web. I was able to minimize my addiction and not also forget its amazing features which make things much easier to access and fun to explore.