BonkLive – Social Live Streaming App for iOS & Android

BonkLive App Review – Broadcast Yourself From Anywhere Around The Globe
There are so many talented people out there who are lacking an avenue to show the world what they’ve got, be it upcoming artists, upcoming actors, and actresses, comedians, stylists, models. In the same vein, there are another set of people searching for raw talent to develop but do not seem to find what they are looking for.

BonkLive – Social Live Streaming App | iOS & Android

Research showed that there are workers like soldiers, oil workers, miners who are very far from home, looking for ways to interact and connect with their loved ones. There are young people who are stressed out by life and depressed and are looking for where to find laughter, ideas, and trends to make the is lives more enjoyable.

Frankly, with the high rate of suicide all around the world, earthquakes, tornado, bombings, and killings, news that bring tears to the eyes, what the world really needs is love and laughter. This bring me to a new App launched for iOS and Android users. It is called BonkLive.

A Brief About BonkLive App

BonkLive is a social media platform that can be used to advertise oneself or one’s products in a live streaming video. You can even connect with your favorite celebrities, broadcast yourself.

You can meet new people sharing the similar passions. There are commercials in between the live video, you can earn money for playing the commercials and also earn money by reading the international and local advertisements.

This app helps people who want to showcase their talents online. Anyone can use the BonkLive Application to showcase his/her talent to achieve stardom. From celebrities, athletes, everyday people. It also offers an opportunity for users to generate income through its creative advertising strategies. Bonk will pay everyday people to stream.

Millions of users will earn money telling their friends about products they like to use, and users that are viewing will be able to click on those products and purchase them. BonkLive also opens roads to a new and interesting interactive advertising experience.

Advertise With BonkLive

The primary method of advertising on BonkLive is by placing your logo in the 20 minutes advertising carousel to be featured during a user’s live broadcast. The cost for a 10-minute logo placement is $60. When a user clicks on this logo, he/she can view your special offer or promotion.

The secondary method is by having the broadcast either run a 30/60 commercials or by reading your advertisement live on stream. The broadcaster will now create a call-to-action to their audience to purchase your product or service.

Live Streaming On BonkLive

If there’s anyone broadcasting live at the moment you logged in, you can tap into it. You will be redirected to the live video.

You can chat someone up in a live video, see other people’s conversations and also send messages. There are emojis used to respond to the live video

There is a non-tolerant rule for sexually explicit and violent content and you can report any case of this. This app cannot be used by persons under the age of 18.

BonkLive Setup

You can sign in using Facebook Account, Instagram Account or Email. If you signed in using your email, enter your email address. Confirm the account by clicking on the link sent through the confirmation mail.

Check out the ‘featured’ section to find live videos from the popular broadcasters. You can see new broadcasters in the ‘new’ section and also see who is online, broadcasting.

There is a ‘search’ option, you can use it to search for a particular broadcaster you want to watch. You can also see people live streaming from all walks of life.

There are categories like gaming, advice, talk, pets, cooking, sports, arts, comedy. You can view the live streaming from these categories. Users can edit your profile by adding personal information. You can also add an image as your display picture.

Things You Should Know About BonkLive

  1. While you are watching live broadcasts, you can purchase gold coins.
  2. If a broadcaster wants to gift a viewer, he/she can do so through the gold coin shop.
  3. The gifts can be turned into cash.
  4. All the money can be transferred to the ASAP Debit card or throughout he MasterCard facility.
  5. Only a bonified broadcaster can read an advertisement or play a commercial in the middle of a live video and earn a diamond for it. One diamond cost $50 and you can exchange the diamonds for gold coins.
  6. When a broadcaster plays a commercial during a broadcast, he/she will earn an iDiamond for every minute. The commercial is not longer than 3 minutes.
  7. There are levels in BonkLive, Bonnaroo is level 10, Bonnarookie is level 20, Bonkerooney is level 30, Bonkers is level 40, Bonkai is level 50, Bonkertronz is level 60, Bonkin is level 70 and Bonkified is level 80 and its the last level.

Of course in every App, there are bound to be pros and cons.

The pros of BonkLive App

Live users can switch from one broadcast to another. With every new update comes new features and 3D gifts. Real money can be made on this App.

The Con BonkLive App

It is a little difficult for new users to understand. Download this App today and enjoy meeting new people and showing your awesome and fabulous self to the world.