The mode of payment is now evolving around cryptocurrency as one of the future means of online payment. Based on one of the future means of payment is the very own BitPay, a bitcoin payment service provider where people can make use of online purchases. In other words, a global trusted payment services that offer users to make a seamless purchase with their Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash.

BitPay - How does BitPay work | The Future of Payments

Furthermore, BitPay, commonly known as an automated payment processing system. That makes use of payment protocol wallets such as Bitcoin (BTC), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). This allows both personal and business users to make use of the Bitcoin as a form of payment which can turn into dollars. The payment processor is acceptable anywhere for payment and donations from your online customers. However, It offers you two major products line either for Business or Personal use.

How Does BitPay work? BitPay For Business and Personal Use

From both above explanations, you can easily derive the meaning of the BitPay means being an online payment system. Now, the way the payment service provider work is just as easily when you can make payment form your debit cards, credit card or even your PayPal account. The platform is categories into two platform such as

  • For Business: when you join the particular aspect of the BitPay, it’s global use for business and eliminates any means of fraud with no chargebacks or ID theft. It’s actually trusted by thousands of business all around the world. Whereby offering you an online payment acceptable to your website and also features like billing and in-store.
  • For Personal: You can also use the platform individually by spending it on online stores to purchase items. Also, send & services funds with your BitPay Wallets and the Card and other benefits attached.

However, these are the two main functions of the payment service provider and you can join thousands of business and induvial already making use of the BitPay for free.

Is BitPay Free – How to Get Started with the Account

Yes, it’s free to use and you can sign up for an account without the requirement to a payment method. All you need to do is understand the two major concepts of BitPay i.e. for business or personal use. Hence, you can sign up with the link

Next, you need to select what particularly account you want to set up either (BitPay Merchant, ID or Debit Card). Also, you can control all your activities directly from your mobile phone. With the use of the payment service provider app from the iOS app store or the Google Play Store.