Bicycles For Hire In George South Africa

Where can I get bicycles for hire in George South Africa? Do you love bicycles? If yes, do you know you can actually ride one without having to break the bank? Actually, you can! This is why we are here to enlighten you on Bicycles for Hire in George South Africa.

Bicycles For Hire In George South Africa

Living in George South Africa, you might want to explore some places and want to try out a different means of transportation. So, rather than use the bus or your car, you might decide to exercise and use a Bicycle.

Yes! Bicycles aren’t only a means of transportation, they also serve as a form of exercise. As while riding, with your legs moving in circles, you get to exercise your legs.

So, are you interested in getting a Bicycle, but you are not ready to buy one? You can just hire from a rental company in George South Africa. And a list of companies renting them out will be listed for you here.

Therefore, I implore you to grab a seat, sit back, and read through this article to be enlightened on Bicycles For Hire in George South Africa.

Companies Offering Bicycles For Hire in George South Africa

There are several companies that offer Bicycles for Hire in George South Africa. So, if you are looking to rent a bicycle that is capable of even long journeys, strong and durable.

You can visit any of these companies as they sure have got you covered. So without further ado, let’s explore these companies;

Ride Life

Ride Life is a cycling store located in George, Western Cape. They have a great passion for cycling and also have the belief that cycling can actually make anyone’s life better. Cycling has a great benefit for your physical health, social health, and mental health.

 And Ride Life is ready to offer quality service to their entire customer, whether you walk into their store or contact them via telephone. Visit their website to contact them.

Coimbra Cycle Center

Coimbra was created in the year 1966 and it is known as the oldest independent cycling dealer in Port Elizabeth.

Passionately offering beautiful quality and individualized service at an amazing price. They provide a large selection of bicycles, clothing, parts, maintenance, accessories, and repair services.

Cycling Cape Town’s Atlantic Seaboard

Atlantic Seaboard is one of Cape Town’s most scenic road rides and a popular route among the city’s road tourists alike!

It is on the cyclist’s to-do list, especially for the main stunning vistas of ocean and mountain, challenging climbs, and lazy winding roads. They offer for-hire quality bicycles at affordable prices.

Bike Discount

Bike Discount is an online bike shop. It is recognized to be one of the best bike shops online. They offer bicycle accessories and even a new bike.

They give the greatest product at competitive prices; they work in hand with different international partners and manufacturers.

Being safe on your bike is their number one (1) priority so they offer the right helmet that fits well and is also good-looking.

Wilderness Mountain Bike Hire

Wilderness Mountain Bike is based on the Mountain Bike Hire and Tours Company in Wilderness found in the heart of the Garden route between the beautiful towns of George and Knysna.

They provide Mountain bike rentals on hourly rates and even daily rates

African Aloe Cafe Bicycles For Hire

The African Aloe Café provides a self-guided cycling tour in the town in a comfortable and brightly colored cruiser bike.

An easy 5km is the shorter route and it takes one to the Synagogue, Applewood Cottages, and lamp-lighters home, it is one of the earliest cycling places in the town.

Rent a Bicycle

Rent a Bicycle provides a full range of quality bikes at an affordable price. They offer road bikes, commuter bikes, and kid’s bikes.

They also have a package for groups of people that come for tours, so you can come with your friends and family to rent a bicycle.


Bicycles for hire in George South Africa makes you submerge yourself in South Africa with beautiful landscapes and vibrant culture. It provides a friendly place to visit, eat, drink, and stay.

The list will help you if you want to rent a bicycle in George South Africa. You can select your choice from the list (Ride Life, Coimbra Cycle Center, Cycling Cape Town’s Atlantic Seaboard, Bike Discount, Wilderness Mountain Bike Hire, and Rent a Bicycle) and rent a bicycle today.