Best Weather Apps for Android – Check Weather Forecasts

The best weather apps can let you know if rainy days are ahead or if it’s nothing but sunshine. There are lots of options to choose from if you are searching for the best weather apps for Android. And in this article, we have rounded up some of the best weather apps you can ever get for your Android devices.

Best Weather Apps for Android - Check Weather Forecasts
Best Weather Apps for Android – Check Weather Forecasts

However, when choosing the best weather apps for your Android, you need to focus on exactly what you need. And the apps that deliver everything from the latest forecast to severe weather warnings.

Some of the offerings in our best weather apps for Android provide amazing detailed forecasts at a hyper-local level; others come packed with severe weather warnings, radar images, and even information about air quality. You can even track travel-related weather or phases of the moon with some of the apps. Just pick the one that suits you and will serve you the best.

Best Weather Apps for Android 2022

Just like I mentioned above, I will be listing and explaining the best weather apps for Android in this article. So without much ado, below are the best weather apps in 2022 for your Android device. Check them out.


If you are looking for the best weather apps for Android devices, it is difficult to ignore Accuweather, with its great information and simplistic design. The apps offer an amazing and clean layout, providing all the details about what to expect from the day.

After downloading this weather app, Accuweather features a breakdown of the weather that is expected to take place, with an overview of the next day.

At the bottom, you have the shortcuts for today’s view, along with daily, hourly, and a view of the radar for your area. However, instead of just viewing the radar for the next few hours, the app actually offers different mapping layers to choose from.

These include any watches or warnings in your area and a five-day outlook for precipitation. There is so much to do on this weather app. One of the best parts is that it has a Wear OS app that will work well with some of the best Android smartwatches.


Although Carrot may be known less for its weather predictions than for its personality, it is a good-looking app that offers a reasonable amount of data on upcoming and current weather. It makes use of tongue-in-cheek commentary in audio or text on the happenings at the end.

For example, it can say, “I am sending bad weather to all the people who refuse to wear masks to hide hideous faces.” You can even set its personality and politics to suit your taste. This weather app has a lot of amazing features, and it is free to download on all compatible Android phones.


Do you want something more out of your weather app? Windy will take care of you. The app, just like other weather apps, shows the weather, but it takes it one step further. This app shows the wind variations in the ocean.

If a cyclone approaches your area or city, the app tries to show the current locations and warn its users. Also, users can switch between a satellite and radar view according to their preferences. Windy is one of the best weather apps for Android when it comes to severe weather alerts.


The next app on this list is called Overdrop. The unique thing about this weather app is that it has support for themes. Users can browse through numerous themes on the app and pick the one that suits their preferences. Overdrop allows users to add different sizes and types of widgets to their home screen.

Also, the app displays graphs for a better understanding of the weather cycle. Other basic stuff like real-time weather data, a seven-day forecast, a 24-hour forecast, and severe weather alerts are covered. To enjoy the app without ads, you can get a free experience by paying a one-time fee of $8.99.

Appy Weather

Appy Weather is one of the newest weather apps on Google Play. It has lots of amazing features, including most of the ones every weather app has. Some of the unique features include fun and fashionable UI, a much more personalized feed than most, and hyperlocal weather.

It makes use of Dark Sky’s API for now but should have other options in the future. The subscription is reasonable at $3.99 per year. Although it has a few bugs here and there, it is becoming a go-to option for many people.

Go to your Android Google Play store today and download any of these amazing weather apps. Make sure you choose the one that suits your needs.