Best Video Editing Apps for Android

What are the Best Video Editing Apps for Android? If you’re a content creator, having a reliable video editing app is essential to refine your videos before sharing them with your audience.

Best Video Editing Apps for Android

The advantage of using the best video editing apps is that they empower you to craft exceptional content without the need for a significant financial investment.

In the realm of social media, video editing apps have emerged as indispensable tools for content creators. They offer a plethora of user-friendly editing features compatible with various tablets and Android devices.

In this blog post, we’ll present a curated list of some of the finest video editing apps tailored for Android devices.

Best Video Editing Apps for Android

Video editing apps have powerful tools that will allow you to transform ordinary videos into captivating videos that will attract the audience on your social media account. Here are some of the best below;


KineMaster offers a variety of pre-made templates across categories like YouTube intros, Instagram, gaming, reels, vlogs, and more. Additionally, users have the option to create new videos from scratch.

This video editing app boasts a user-friendly interface, encompassing all the essential editing features. Users can incorporate voice adjustments, apply effects, add stickers, reverse videos, and even remove backgrounds.

Furthermore, KineMaster includes KineCloud, allowing subscribers to upload videos of up to 10GB in size.


Fimora has helped lots of GenZ and millennials with portrait video editing, effects, eye-catching, stickers, emoji, and many more. Users can also choose from 1000+ sound effects, trendy text styles, 5000+ premium stickers, and reverse playback.

Filmora also enables users to add background to their videos and adjust the aspect ratio. This app is the ideal video editor app for all social media platforms.  Although the watermark is very annoying, you can sign up with one of the paid plans to get rid of the watermark and ads.

Best Video Editing Apps – CapCut

CapCut was created by Bytedance which is the parent company of TikTok. It is the official video editor for TikTok users. If you frequently create videos for TikTok, you can use CapCut to edit your videos.

Users can also stabilize the footage of the video, add slow-motion effects, and also use the chroma key to get rid of certain colors from the video. It also adds auto-captions for your audience.

CapCut also constantly add new filter each week. You can also check the effects that are trending such as 3D, Blur, and Glitch to show your creativity.


PowerDirector is the ideal app for you if you like working with traditional video timelines. This video editing app provides a built-in stock library and also customizable templates to make videos.

You can also use the video editing app to fix your shaky videos, control color, use effects, and also use saturation accurately. The developers also currently introduced a portrait editing mode.

PowerDirector has a premium subscription that grants access to a royalty-free photo library through Shutterstock. This video editing app is very fun to use on a large screen device such as foldable.

Adobe Premier Rush

Adobe Premier Rush is an essential app for content creators. If you have an Adobe account, you can sign in to your account and import photos and videos from your mobile device. 

You can also check the features of the video editing app. Users can even adjust the video speed, add several clips, add graphics, pick from tons of soundtrack, and also try color presets. You can also sync all your projects and continue the editing on another device if you have a subscription.

Best Video Editing Apps – VivaVideo

VivaVideo is one of the best video editing apps for Android devices. It has stickers, FX effects, unique fonts multiple background effects, and some stylish themes that are very popular among the generation.

VivaVideo makes sure that the app is very easy to use for beginners. VivaVideo also has a free TikTok video maker with lyrics and songs. If you want to make trendy short reels, you can use VivaVideo.


InShot has several features that are designed especially for influencers. It provides the basic and advanced video editing tools that you can use to make trendy clips.

Users can also adjust the speed of the videos, trim them, create slideshows, rewind videos, and also make use of the AI body effects. InShot recognizes the body and puts some unique AI effects to make professional videos.

Additionally, it has more than 1000+ stickers, and designer backgrounds that make your video stand out from the rest.


Magista focuses on social media users and they offer video editing tools. This video editing app also has an AI assistant to help you edit your media with tons of eye-catching graphics, filters, effects, and audio tracks.

It also has lots of colorful stickers that are available for you to add to your videos.  Magisto also provides premium plans to remove watermarks, add premium styles, increase the movie length, and access 3+ million stock photos that you can use in a video.

This video editing app also provides sharing tools and video hosting to create password-protected links.

Best Video Editing Apps – Splice

Splice provides professional desktop video editing features on your mobile device. You can also choose your favorite moments from the video, add music, add text, and overlays, and finish the video editing.

You can also adjust the speed of the video to create amazing videos. Splice also enables you to export your videos in good quality and to share them on your social media such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.


Funimate has professional video editing features such as AI effects, video masks, transitions, text effects, and keyframes that you can add to attract people. This mobile app also has social integration.

On the platform, you can also shoot your videos for challenges and share your work. You can also take inspiration from other people to enhance engagement on social media.

You can easily create stunning videos on your Android device with the video editing apps listed above. These apps are easy to use and they have powerful tools for editing.