Best Umbrella Insurance Companies of 2024

Insurance companies in 2024 that offer home, boat and car insurance frequently include umbrella insurance. Generally, you must get umbrella insurance from the same provider as your homeowners’ or vehicle insurance. Those who get renters insurance can also purchase umbrella insurance.

Best Umbrella Insurance Companies of 2024

The best umbrella insurance companies of 2024 are provided by reliable organizations with extensive insurance industry expertise. These plans will be fairly priced, suited to your specific needs, and will provide alternatives for both personal and business use. Furthermore, they will offer protection from third-party disputes.

What is Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance provides additional liability coverage when your base plan’s liability insurance limitations are exceeded. Additionally, umbrella insurance is often based on your auto and house insurance coverage, but it might also include watercraft insurance or renter’s insurance. However, accidental or unforeseen occurrences without umbrella insurance can result in pricey claims or litigation that may wipe out your assets and resources.

Best Umbrella Insurance Companies of 2024

When at-fault accidents, litigation, or injuries occur, umbrella insurance can help protect you financially. Moreover, when deciding on the best umbrella insurance companies in 2024 for your needs, you should evaluate some factors. This includes maximum coverage levels, the number and kind of insurance policies you must have from an insurer to be eligible for umbrella insurance, and cost.


Travelers provide a variety of umbrella insurance options for company owners, making it adaptable to the demands of small companies in 2024. In addition, it has an A++, Superior rating from AM Best, the best available grade, accessible in all fifty states.

The amount of personal umbrella coverage is $1–$10 million. Additionally, it provides company owners with four different forms of excess coverage: basic umbrella, excess liability, monoline umbrella, and excess surplus. Moreover, liability coverage for policies starts at $1 million and increases based on total risk, assets, and income.

It also offers protection against obligations resulting from claims on your house, automobile, boat, or recreational vehicle coverage. Although having underlying insurance with Travelers is not necessary, doing so might result in a cheaper premium.


Allstate serves over 16 million families nationwide and is among the biggest insurance providers in the country. Additionally, it offers a variety of insurance products in the US and Canada, including property and liability insurance. Allstate umbrella insurance in 2024 offers comprehensive coverage for various incidents, including foreign driving, sailing, and RVing, setting it apart from other companies.

Personal umbrella plans vary from $1 to $5 million, with $1 million increments. This insurance protects you expressly when traveling overseas in the event of a claim. Furthermore, commercial coverage begins at $1 million, depending on where the business insurance is underwritten and the total risk needs of the organization.


When you combine your plans with GEICO, you can receive savings that help defray the cost of an extra insurance policy. Moreover, the price of insurance from GEICO, which has the best AM rating (A++) available. Additionally, depending on specific criteria and your existing coverage, Geico offers some eligible factors for umbrella insurance in 2024 in contrast to companies.

Before you may apply for umbrella coverage via Geico, you must also meet minimum liability limits on your homeowners’, boat, and auto insurance policies, if applicable. In addition to the limitations of your homeowners’ and auto policies, the insurer may provide you with up to $5 million in additional coverage.

Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual’s emphasis on a self-service-based structure makes it one of our best recommendations for renters insurance for landlords. This company, with a strong reputation in the insurance market, offers substantial policy limits, even if you don’t already have any other insurance with them. Additionally, you can monitor papers, make online coverage adjustments, and manage your insurance using Liberty Mutual’s customer site.

In addition, combining your other Liberty Mutual insurance policy with your house insurance will help you receive a discount. Personal umbrella insurance offers coverage up to $1 million, covering liabilities, legal costs, and other claims against you and your household members.


Progressive is the country’s second-largest vehicle insurance provider, accounting for little more than 14 percent of the market. It’s national availability and vast list of coverage choices make it an excellent alternative for all sorts of drivers. An umbrella policy from Progressive, rated superior or A+ by AM Best, has coverage levels of $1–5 million and is available in all 50 states. Furthermore, contact Progressive to get an umbrella insurance quote and learn more about their vehicle and home policy limitations.


USAA began in 1922 by selling insurance coverage to 25 Army officers and has been supporting military soldiers and their families ever since. It is the third-largest home insurance provider in the United States. Additionally, it offers affordable and high-quality services to military soldiers, veterans, and their families.

USAA received an outstanding or A++ rating from AM Best and provides umbrella plans ranging from $1 million to $5 million in coverage to USAA members. USAA helps current and former soldiers of the United States military, as well as their families.


Chubb provides among the industry’s largest liability limits and also protects clients internationally. It has been around since 1882 and offers a wide range of insurance solutions to high-net-worth customers. Additionally, it has established itself as the country’s largest publicly listed property and casualty insurance firm, as well as the leading commercial insurer.

Moreover, the company provides personal and commercial umbrella insurance in amounts ranging from $1 million to $100 million. While Chubb does not provide insurance in all 50 states, it does have 44 branch sites in various regions around the United States.

American Family

American Family provides a wealth of digital tools, a comprehensive online coverage comparison tool, and an easy-to-use quotation tool to aid in client education. If you want to handle your homeowner’s insurance while on the move, American Family can be of assistance to you.

An umbrella insurance policy from the American Family in 2024, adds a layer of liability coverage to your home insurance policy’s liability limitations. For example, your house insurance policy’s liability coverage may be limited to $500,000, but an umbrella policy can increase that coverage to $1 million or more. Umbrella coverage can be added to a house insurance policy for either the principal property or a summer home.


The main feature of the Farmers Home Insurance policy is customization. There are three packages to select from, including regular, enhanced, and premiere. Moreover, these vary in terms of features, coverage restrictions, and price. The average annual premium paid by farmers is $2,835.72, greater than the average annual premium paid by non-farmers ($2,511.25). Your rate may change.

Erie Insurance

According to J.D. Power’s customer satisfaction score, Erie receives top grades for customer service. Moreover, compared to other insurers, its basic homeowner insurance provides greater levels of coverage. For instance, Erie covers losses to birds, fish, and several other pets up to $500.

Furthermore, Erie provides replacement cost coverage for your personal property, so you won’t have to worry about the item’s worth decreasing over time. However, not many states provide Erie’s policies. In comparison to the average yearly premium in the US, Erie’s premium is $184.47 less.

All of the companies on our list of the best umbrella insurance companies in 2024 have various positive and negative characteristics. Furthermore, Some insurance policies are intended for small companies, while others are designed for high-net-worth people.