Best Tiny House Insurance Companies of 2024

Securing the best tiny house insurance companies in 2024 will determine the kind of coverage you require and your priorities. Additionally, a tiny house may look small in size, but the potential risks of possession can be significant, so it’s important to secure the best tiny house insurance.

Best Tiny House Insurance Companies of 2024

Furthermore, based on your preference for various tiny houses, you will require either recreational vehicle (RV) or mobile home insurance. These two insurance plans provide coverage for your tiny house and belongings against various dangerous incidents such as fire, theft, and objects falling. Additionally, these policies involve liability coverage for potential lawsuits and medical payment coverage in the event of a guest sustaining injuries.

What is Tiny House?

A tiny house could be considered a standalone structure of 400 square feet or fewer without including any loft space. Moreover, some providers need tiny houses to specify construction and safety standards.

However, even if your tiny house is either stationary or mobile, it usually influences the kind of insurance coverage you can secure. Also, possessing a tiny house is associated with a lot of advantages, such as reduced cost and low environmental impact.

Additionally, it is also more convenient to bring your home along while traveling compared to traditional homeowners insurance, which is typically not applicable to tiny houses.

Best Tiny House Insurance Companies of 2024

The best tiny house insurance companies present adaptable policy choices, customization options through endorsements, and commendable customer service. However, tiny house insurance is not a uniform approach.

Moreover, some of the best insurers have powerful financial stability, verifying their capability to compensate policyholders following a covered loss. In this article, we have evaluated and compared some insurance companies to identify the best tiny house insurance in 2024.

Strategic Insurance Agency

Strategic insurance agencies aren’t popular, but they’re established to cover any potential losses to tiny house ownership, making them the best tiny house insurance companies. Additionally, it doesn’t require being recognized before securing coverage.

Moreover, this provider includes coverage for unattached structures, replacement costs, trip coverage, home theft, and protection for valuable personal articles. Furthermore, you can secure coverage for primary and secondary tiny homes, both short-term and long-term rentals, as well as tiny vacation homes.

Also, Strategic Insurance provides tiny house insurance across 48 states and also offers a wide range of insurance products. Lastly, contact an agent to search for bundles accessible alongside a tiny home policy if you are interested.


Foremost Outdoors Travel Trailer Insurance Policy operates as one of the best tiny house insurance companies for mobile tiny homes traversing the country. This comprehensive coverage offers protection for your tiny house during transit and also enhances protection when parked at various locations.

This includes campsites, RV parks, or private property. Additionally, the Stationary Travel Trailer Insurance Program provides property damage liability and medical payments coverage to complement your RV insurance.

The policies offer coverage for perils including collision, fire, flood, hail, windstorms, animals, theft, and even damage from low-hanging branches. Lastly, Foremost extends its coverage to all 50 states, although specific coverage may vary in availability depending on the location.

American Family

American Family stands out as the best choice for tiny house insurance as it offers tiny homes established on a permanent foundation. Additionally, it extends coverage through mobile home insurance and provides many of the same types of coverage typically associated with standard homeowners insurance.

Furthermore, the American Family offers savings opportunities and daily claim support from renowned agents. American Family’s mobile home insurance plans include crucial protection for your tiny house, such as dwelling, personal property, and liability.

Moreover, the inclusion of endorsements enhances the policy by covering specific needs and providing protection. You can apply for the diminishing deductible program to obtain a $100 reduction in your deductible for each claims-free year.

The Harford

If you are considering securing a DIY tiny house project, Hartford is the best choice for insurance coverage. This insurance company covers project delays, including damage to materials due to weather conditions, as well as risks such as equipment theft and vandalism.

The builder’s risk insurance plans provide coverage for a comprehensive list of perils like natural disasters, fire, explosions, hail, lightning, and more. Additionally, it provides builder’s risk insurance coverage in all 50 states, but it’s based on your location.

Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual stands out as the best choice for rental property insurance and its outstanding customer service. It distinguishes itself by offering convenient communication channels, allowing you to easily reach an agent through phone, Meta, X (previously Twitter), or text message.

Additionally, upon securing a policy, you can modify your coverage through their online customer portal or mobile app. Also, it offers a unique feature of accessible discounts to policyholders.

Liberty Mutual’s landlord insurance policies cover essential aspects such as dwelling, premises liability, wind/hail insurance, and fair value protection. Lastly, you can include options like inflation protection in your policy, providing an added layer of security for your rental property.


Geico is a highly reputable insurance provider in the market, making it the best choice for securing a vacation tiny house utilized seasonally. Additionally, it has good financial strength, daily customer service, and additional policies for protection.

Moreover, Geico provides mobile/manufactured home and RV insurance policies, making it easier to secure coverage for a tiny house, whether it’s on wheels or a foundation. Furthermore, Geico provides optional policies for sports equipment such as skis, golf clubs, bikes, or other equipment exclusively used during vacations.


Progressive stands out in the insurance market by offering a single-deductible benefit for bundling home and auto policies. Additionally, Progressive includes trip collision coverage in its tiny-house policies, protecting during the relocation of the tiny house within a 30-day timeframe.

Moreover, it directly underwrites tiny-home insurance in only 14 states, while in other states it may be underwritten by a third party. This could potentially lead to communication challenges or delays.

Progressive offers standard trip collision coverage for mobile tiny homes, making it the best choice for owners planning occasional relocations. However, those intending frequent moves may encounter challenges in obtaining coverage.


Allstate earns recognition as one of the best tiny-home insurance companies due to its nationwide availability and unique discounts for retirees. Additionally, Allstate assures homeowners that their tiny houses will be adequately covered, regardless of their location.

However, it sets a relatively low maximum coverage amount for this type of insurance, capping dwelling coverage at $50,000. This limitation may pose a challenge for some policyholders who aim to insure their tiny houses for their full appraised value.

Additionally, the retiree discount can enhance Allstate’s appeal, making it convenient for those seeking nationwide coverage and potential cost savings for their tiny home insurance needs.

American Modern

American Modern stands out as one of the initial insurance companies that focused on mobile home insurance. It provides coverage for seasonal and empty homes, catering to those not permanently residing in their tiny homes.

Additionally, it extends coverage for replacement costs, personal belongings, dwelling coverage, and personal liability coverage. Also, customers can extend protection with extra coverage for things like water damage, mold, and more.

Furthermore, this provider extends coverage across all 50 states and Washington, D.C., including vacation tiny homes used only during specific seasons.

State Farm

State Farm provides insurance solutions for RV policies for eligible tiny houses. Moreover, they offer rental dwelling policies designed to assist in covering property damage, liability claims, and rental income for those who lease out their residences.

Additionally, it allows the inclusion of replacement expense coverage for both the home and personal property. It also indicates restoration, earthquake, and volcanic explosion coverage, ensuring a comprehensive safeguard.

State Farm allows financial savings by offering premium savings depending on the consecutive number of years you maintain an effective home policy with them.


Choosing the best tiny home insurance companies can be a challenging task due to the options available. Securing the right policy involves evaluating factors such as accessibility, cost-effectiveness, coverage extent, and the overall customer experience.