Best Small Business Insurance Companies

If you own a small business, securing one of the best small business insurance companies is paramount. Moreover, in the event of a workplace accident or the theft of business property, having the appropriate coverage from a reputable provider becomes invaluable. For business owners, small business insurance is often a necessity to safeguard their operations.

Best Small Business Insurance Companies

However, obtaining the right insurance for your business is crucial in the face of lawsuits, theft, disasters, or unforeseen events. Furthermore, having the right coverage is vital to ensuring your ability to navigate through various challenges that may arise in the course of your business.

What is Small Business Insurance?

Small business insurance is a paid policy designed to safeguard both your business and personal interests. Additionally, it provides financial protection in the face of lawsuits, damages, injuries, workers’ compensation, and other losses in business operations. Small business insurance is diverse, with different companies offering various types of coverage. Furthermore, the needs of small businesses vary based on factors such as the nature of operations, location, number of employees, and more.

The coverage provided by small business insurance spans a wide range of scenarios, contingent on the chosen plan and provider. Examples include protection against third-party claims of bodily injury, property damage, and loss of physical assets like buildings. Additionally, small business insurance can replace the lost income and cover ongoing expenses if a covered event disrupts business operations. It also addresses claims related to negligence or inadequate work.

Best Small Business Insurance Companies

Small business insurance serves as a safeguard for owners against unexpected incidents. However, it ranges from inventory loss due to fire and employee injuries to clients slipping and falling while visiting the office.

Additionally, we’ve gathered information on the process of identifying the best small business insurance companies and coverage that aligns with your specific needs.


Hiscox stands out as our first choice for the best independent contractor insurance among small business insurance providers. Additionally, they provide a user-friendly business owner’s policy (BOP) that can be personalized with additional coverage options. These coverage options include such things as business interruption insurance, electronic data loss insurance, and professional liability insurance.

Freelancers can opt for standalone policies specifically designed for professional liability and general liability insurance. Notably, Hiscox offers the flexibility of coverage on demand for short-term projects. An added benefit is the option to make monthly payments, a feature that proves advantageous for freelancers in effectively managing their cash flow.

Next Insurance

Next stands out by providing the best and most efficient way to secure a range of affordable small business insurance coverage. However, the option to speak with a U.S.-based advisor in your area is also available.

In addition, this company offers a broad spectrum of business insurance coverage types, all of which can be conveniently purchased online, with the added benefit of The available coverage includes a comprehensive business owner’s policy, commercial auto insurance, workers’ compensation, professional liability, tools and equipment insurance, and more.

Next, allow users to share a live certificate of insurance and seamlessly add insured at no extra cost. The flexibility of monthly payments is an added convenience, and eligible customers can enjoy discounts of up to 25%.


Huckleberry distinguishes itself by providing the best suite of essential restaurant insurance and food business insurance coverage tailored for various establishments. This coverage includes brick-and-mortar restaurants, caterers, and food trucks.

However, Huckleberry presents a unique restaurant endorsement as an add-on to its BOP. This specialized bundle encompasses food-specific coverage such as spoilage coverage, food contamination insurance, and ordinance or law equipment coverage, among others. Furthermore, Huckleberry allows the incorporation of workers’ compensation, commercial auto, and liquor liability coverage options.


BiBerk stands out due to its remarkable A++ (superior) financial strength rating from AM Best, indicating the best financial stability. As part of Berkshire Hathaway, this insurer is highly esteemed for its wide array of industry-tailored coverage.

Additionally, BiBerk provides an inclusive selection of commercial insurance solutions. These comprise business owner’s policies, commercial auto insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, umbrella insurance, professional liability insurance, and general liability policies. However, businesses can integrate risk-specific and industry endorsements into their business owner’s policy, such as liquor liability and cyber liability coverage.


Thimble provides on-demand general liability insurance, starting at $17 per month. They offer flexible monthly and on-demand coverage options, allowing users to tailor their insurance to their specific needs. Their liability policies begin at a competitive rate of $17 per month.

Additionally, Thimble extends its services to event insurance, ensuring coverage for special occasions. Their policies operate on an occurrence-based model, offering comprehensive protection. Furthermore, thimble has garnered excellent reviews on Trustpilot, reflecting positive feedback and satisfaction from its users.

The Hartford

With a history dating back to 1810, Hartford stands as one of the nation’s leading providers of workers’ compensation insurance. Moreover, it facilitates a seamless online claim initiation process, allowing users to easily start a claim at the convenience of their digital platforms.

Employing data analytics, the company goes a step further by equipping injured workers with a toolkit designed to expedite their recovery process. Additionally, this commitment to leveraging technology enhances the overall experience for those seeking support through workers’ compensation.


Chubb stands out as the best-fitting choice for sizable small enterprises, catering to businesses generating up to $30 million in revenue. It provides an extensive array of coverage options, making it particularly well-suited for larger small businesses.

However, it’s one of the leading carriers in terms of annual premiums for commercial insurance, offering comprehensive small business owner’s policies. Also, it elevates your business owner policy by incorporating electronic data liability coverage, professional liability, diverse property add-ons, crime, equipment breakdown, earthquake, and a host of other options.

State Farm

State Farm consistently ranks among the top companies for customer satisfaction in the small commercial insurance sector. It stands out for its comprehensive coverage across virtually every industry. In addition, State Farm goes the extra mile by including loss of income, equipment breakdown, and money and securities protection at no additional cost.

The flexibility extends further with the option to augment your coverage with professional liability. Moreover, it offers a range of additional coverage options, such as commercial auto coverage, workers’ compensation insurance, and various other protective measures.


Progressive stands as the best choice for small business insurance, presenting an extensive range of options. Their offerings span business owner policies, worker compensation, professional liability, and liquor liability. Notably, Progressive extends coverage to home-based businesses.

In addition, it caters to diverse needs with comprehensive coverage, particularly in the realm of commercial auto insurance. Whether it’s business owner policies or specialized coverage for specific operational aspects, Progressive provides a varied and adaptable suite of insurance solutions.

Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual offers a range of essential insurance policies that are best for small businesses. These encompass commercial property, professional liability, workers’ compensation, and commercial auto coverage. Additionally, Liberty Mutual caters to specific industries with specialized options like medical malpractice, farm and ranch, and contractors’ environmental legal liability.

However, Liberty Mutual provides a commercial package policy (CPP) for businesses seeking comprehensive coverage and higher limits to safeguard against intricate risks. This complements their business owners’ policy (BOP) and is designed to meet the more expansive needs of small enterprises.


Securing small business insurance is essential to ensuring your business remains resilient in the face of unforeseen challenges. By carefully evaluating these aspects, you can confidently choose the best small business insurance company that will provide robust protection and support for your enterprise, regardless of the uncertainties that may arise.