Best Senior Travel Insurance Companies of 2024

In the realm of wanderlust tailored for seniors, the search for the “Best Senior Travel Insurance” becomes a crucial prelude to each exciting expedition. Join us in this brief exploration as we unveil the top players in the realm of senior travel insurance, where comprehensive coverage, peace of mind, and a seamless travel experience converge to redefine the golden years of exploration. Embark on a worry-free voyage, where the best in senior travel insurance stands as a trusted companion on every exhilarating path taken.

Best Senior Travel Insurance Companies of 2024

10 Best Senior Travel Insurance

The best senior travel insurance for senior citizens goes beyond merely complementing Medicare coverage. However, it extends to providing financial security in the face of unforeseen trip disruptions.

Nonetheless, it’s worth noting that travel insurance plans tailored for seniors typically come with a higher price tag. For seniors with travel insurance, achieving a balance between coverage and cost is crucial.

The following outlines the best recommendations for travel insurance providers and the type of traveler each company best serves.

1. Seven Corners

Older individuals seeking a comprehensive package of advantages should explore the Trip Protection Choice policy offered by Seven Corners. Moreover, it stands out as the best plan for seniors focused on trip protection.

The average cost for seniors per trip is $483, and the policy covers medical expenses with evaluation limits set at $500,000/$1 million per person. Enjoy superior coverage with impressive limits for medical expenses and medical evacuation.

The policy also includes a noteworthy $20,000 for non-medical evacuation. Opt for the “Interruption for Any Reason” upgrade for added flexibility. Additionally, relish excellent travel delay coverage, providing $2,000 per person.

2. Faye

Experience convenience with Faye’s policies, featuring a user-friendly online purchasing process tailored for seniors. In addition, it’s recognized as our top choice for a seamless all-online experience.

Benefit from $250,000 in primary medical coverage across all policies, with a pre-existing condition waiver for comprehensive coverage of chronic medical conditions. Faye’s policies also encompass $500,000 in emergency medical evacuation coverage, catering to older travelers facing complex health conditions or situated in remote areas.

3. Generali Global Assistance

Discover the remarkable benefits of Generali’s Premium plan, offering exceptional value for seniors at an attractive average price.

Typically, this plan boasts outstanding trip interruption insurance and superior medical evacuation benefits. Seniors with pre-existing conditions can secure coverage by purchasing a premium policy up to or within 24 hours of their final trip deposit.

However, it’s recognized as the best choice for senior premium plans because it comes with an affordable average price of $446 per person. In addition, it provides comprehensive medical expense coverage up to $250,000.

4. Travelex

Consider Travelex as a valuable insurance option for seniors due to its primary medical coverage. Unlike Medicare, which often does not cover medical expenses for injuries and illnesses incurred outside the US, Travelex steps in with primary coverage.

This becomes crucial as insurance plans offering secondary coverage might leave you facing significant medical bills following a serious accident. Additionally, Travelex’s policies for seniors ensure primary medical coverage takes effect before Medicare, providing essential support in covering hospital costs.

5. Nationwide

Nationwide excels for seniors with $150,000 in medical coverage, providing cruise luxury and various generous benefits at an affordable price. However, the plan includes excellent medical evacuation coverage and incorporates $25,000 in non-medical evacuation benefits.

Gain $1,000 per person for exceptional baggage delay coverage and $1,000 per person for reliable travel delay benefits after a 6-hour delay. Additionally, enjoy excellent missed connection coverage, with $2,500 per person after only a 3-hour delay.

The average price for seniors per trip is $498, and the policy covers medical and evacuation, with limits set at $150,000/$1 million per person. Choose Nationwide for a comprehensive and reasonably priced travel insurance solution for seniors.

6. AXA Assistance USA

For seniors embarking on a leisure trip, AXA proves to be the best choice with its additional perks. However, the upper-tier plans go a step further, featuring identity theft coverage and round-the-clock travel services.

In addition, AXA even offers the flexibility to add credit card protection to enhance your travel security. Furthermore, it offers a comprehensive package with a $440 sample trip cost and a substantial $250,000 medical expense limit.

7. TinLeg

Tin Leg’s Gold plan stands out as an affordably priced travel insurance option, offering enhanced medical benefits compared to other Tin Leg policies. Typically, this plan offers valuable cancellation benefits, especially in situations like facing a layoff after three consecutive years of employment at one place.

Additionally, it covers the financial default or bankruptcy of your travel provider, adding an extra layer of protection to your travel plans.

Lastly, seniors can access solid medical benefits at a reasonable cost, with an average price per trip of $43 and medical coverage of $500,000 per person.

8. HTH Travel Insurance

This policy stands out as the best plan for those traveling together. It saves costs by securing coverage through a travel insurance provider offering extended benefits for simultaneously purchasing two or more policies.

HTH’s travel insurance policies offer a noteworthy 10% discount for groups of travelers over the age of 65. However, seniors can enjoy comprehensive coverage, with medical limits reaching up to $1 million.

With a sample trip cost of $358 and a substantial medical expense limit of $1 million, this policy ensures both affordability and extensive protection for group travelers.

9. Travel Insured International

Discover unparalleled value with Travel Insured International’s Worldwide Trip Protector plan, providing robust benefits at a more budget-friendly price compared to other top-rated plans. Additionally, this comprehensive policy includes superior non-medical evacuation coverage, ensuring your safety in various situations.

Moreover, the plan offers flexibility with a range of optional add-ons. These additions allow you to customize and expand your financial protection, tailoring the policy to your specific travel needs.

10. International Medical Group

When it comes to extensive medical coverage, International Medical Group (IMG) offers an unmatched selection of policies, making it one of the best senior travel insurance companies. With over five choices available, IMG provides inclusive international policies, featuring up to $8 million in medical coverage on single-trip plans.

However, IMG stands out by making customization easy for seniors, allowing them to tailor coverage according to their preferences. If prioritizing medical insurance, seniors can opt to skip baggage and delay-related coverage.

Consider IMG for a comprehensive range of policies that cater to various needs, ensuring robust medical coverage while offering flexibility for personalized preferences.


Elderly individuals, even without health issues, prefer travel insurance with medical coverage for unforeseen injuries and emergency evacuations. Additionally, travel insurance offers valuable benefits, preventing substantial financial losses due to cancellations and delays on nonrefundable expenses like flights and accommodations.