Best Places To Live In New York

What are the best places to live in New York? New York, a vibrant and diverse state, is considered the best place to live, offering excitement beyond surface appearances. In addition, the city’s allure extends beyond famous features, including beautiful lakes, iconic landmarks, renowned buildings, and globally recognized towns, especially in upstate New York.

Best Places To Live In New York

Moreover, New York’s geographic diversity is near the Atlantic Ocean, Lake Erie, and Lake Ontario. This reveals various facets of its appealing charm. Thus, choosing New York as home, amid diversity and opportunities, demands thoughtful consideration of the right neighborhood and budget for a suitable lifestyle. In this article, we have compiled the best places to live in New York.

Best Places to Live in New York

If you’re seeking the best place to live or contemplating a more permanent residence in the vibrant city of New York. This article will guide you through the process of discovering the ideal neighborhood that aligns with your preferences and needs.

Williamsburg (Brooklyn)

Williamsburg earns its reputation as the best place to live because of its trendy and burgeoning energy. Furthermore, the neighborhood is adorned with street art, creating a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere.

Also, it’s renowned for top vintage and sustainable shops and excels in entertainment, earning a perfect score in these categories. It’s convenient for singles desiring a relaxed atmosphere.

Numerous activities in this area make listing them all a challenge due to the extensive array of options available. Additionally, explore a rich tapestry of museums in Williamsburg. From the beloved Museum of Pizza to the City Reliquary and art galleries.

New York City

New York City, known as the Big Apple, is a global metropolis celebrated for diversity and constant activity, offering limitless attractions. The majority of iconic landmarks grace the borough of Manhattan.

Furthermore, for a quick tour, don’t miss the Museum of Modern Art. Also, the Rockefeller Center’s height, the Empire State Building’s views, and the New York Public Library. The city’s vibrant entertainment hub has a time square with neon lights and dazzling billboards.

Albany, NY

Albany, New York’s capital, lies about 150 miles north of NYC along the Hudson River’s western bank, strategically connecting the Hudson Valley and the Adirondack Mountains. Locally, it is recognized as the Tri-City Area, encompassing smaller metro areas like Troy and Schenectady, which carry a historical industrial legacy.

Unlike major metropolitan areas, it avoids the hustle and bustle, presenting a city with an old-world charm. However, the landscape features rows of quaint, turn-of-the-century brownstones, the historic state capitol building, and the iconic Empire State Plaza.

Albany, between New York’s Finger Lakes and Massachusetts’ Berkshires, is a gateway for food enthusiasts and outdoor lovers to explore regional offerings.

Great Neck Gardens

Great Neck Gardens, near NYC, with 1,258 residents, is celebrated in Nassau County for being the best place to live. The community provides a sparse suburban atmosphere, and a majority of residents are homeowners, contributing to the sense of stability.

In addition, it offers residents a distinctive suburban feel, and the community is characterized by a liberal-leaning populace. The public schools in this area are recognized for their high ratings. Adding to the appeal for families seeking an educationally vibrant environment.

Overall, Great Neck Gardens is the best residential area, blending suburban peace with the advantages of being close to New York City.

The Upper West Side (Manhattan)

The Upper West Side, spanning 59th to 110th Street on Manhattan’s West Side, epitomizes the quintessential Manhattan experience from my perspective. However, it provides easy access to all that Manhattan offers and convenient subway connections to Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx.

In addition, the Upper West Side houses a vibrant nightlife scene for young residents, featuring trendy spots like The Dead Poet and Prohibition. The presence of the Juilliard School of Music and Columbia University contributes to a dynamic environment with a constant influx of students.

The Upper West Side caters to both young and family demographics. Therby boasts prestigious schools and blends youthful energy with family-friendly amenities.

Astoria (Queens)

Astoria stands out as one of our fourth-best places to live in New York. It offers diverse attractions, budget-friendly activities, and a laid-back, multicultural atmosphere, making it an excellent discovery for various interests and preferences.

In addition, this neighborhood houses diverse small businesses, ethnic eateries, and chic shops, promising delightful surprises at every turn. Its superb city connectivity lets you secure a pleasant apartment without denting your savings, even after forgoing countless oat milk lattes.

Syracuse, NY

Syracuse, New York, often finds itself as the punchline in weather-related jokes, given its annual snowfall exceeding 120 inches. However, this central New York locale offers more than just snow drifts and slush.

Affordability sets Syracuse apart from many major U.S. metro areas, attracting families, retirees, and young professionals alike. Beyond its price tag, Syracuse is a comfortable place to call home, with many natives choosing to raise their families in the area.

The city center is a brief drive from desirable suburbs like Manlius, Baldwinsville, and Liverpool. Residents have convenient weekend getaways. From a quick drive to Saratoga Springs for races, a four-hour trip to NYC, to a three-hour excursion for Buffalo Bills games.

Positioned in prime wine-drinking territory, a brief excursion to the Finger Lakes region allows locals to savor the offerings of the area’s finest wineries.


Herricks, a Nassau County suburb near NYC with 4,163 residents, is renowned for prime residential living. It offers a tranquil, rural ambiance, and residents take pride in homeownership.

Notably, Herricks attracts a considerable number of young professionals, contributing to a generally liberal atmosphere. The public schools in Herricks enjoy high ratings, adding to the appeal of this suburban enclave.

Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village, an artistic enclave with a rich history, is now one of the most desirable but priciest neighborhoods in New York City. At the heart of the neighborhood lies a vibrant hub, drawing New Yorkers from all corners.

In addition, the area boasts an array of restaurants, nightclubs, shops, and an overall charming ambiance. It is situated adjacent to the Hudson River, and many establishments offer a picturesque waterfront view. It’s a welcoming and accessible place for anyone seeking to spend quality time in the city.

Bayside (Queens)

Bayside distinguishes itself with a genuine sense of community. This characteristic might be challenging to encounter in other New York neighborhoods. This area exudes tranquility and offers ample space. It is known for its safety, providing a suburban ambiance without entirely forsaking the city vibe. For families seeking to be part of New York City while avoiding the constant hustle and bustle, Bayside emerges as the ideal choice.