Best Place to Rent a Boat in Abuja

If you are looking for the best place to rent a boat in Abuja, then you have clicked on the right article. Finding the best place to rent a boat or kayak shouldn’t be so much of a hassle with the help of the right guide.

Best Place to Rent a Boat in Abuja

A boat is known as one of the multiple means of transportation existing today. The interesting thing about a boat is that it isn’t just for moving from one place to another, but can also be used for a wide range of fun activities 

You might be planning a romantic dinner for a partner or just a cruise and need the best boat rental service you can find in Abuja, that’s easy. In this guide, we will be showing you some of the nearest, best, and most affordable places to rent a boat in Abuja. 

List of Best Places to Rent a Boat

There are so many perfect places you can rent a boat in Abuja where you and your partner or family can have the best time of your lives. Here are some of the best places to rent a boat in Abuja: 

Kaspaland Kayak Abuja

Kaspaland Kayak is located at Package B Sports Complex at the National Stadium Abuja. A boat with a single seat cost 3,000 naira. But in cases where you want to enjoy the fun with a friend or spouse, double boats are also available which cost 7,000 naira. 

It is so much more possible to get a discount if you appear in groups or numbers or if you are recognized to be a regular customer.

Kaspaland Kayak is a very calm and soothing competitive spot, so you will surely enjoy yourself and your time to the fullest. They open at 6:00 AM and close at 7:00 PM daily.

Best Place to Rent a Boat – Amazon kayak Jabi

Amazon Kayak is one of the most affordable places to have fun in Abuja. located In Aqua Garden Jabi. After the VIO Office along Obafemi Awolowo Way Abuja. You can rent a kayak at Jabi for as low as 2,000 naira for just 30 minutes. While the double boat is just 3,000 naira for 30 minutes. 

You can have a lot of fun here because Water Ball is also available. They open every day from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Jabi Boat Club (JBC)

JBC is a family amusement center created to give water-based exercise-related facilities to the people of Abuja and its environments, as well as reach out to all tendencies, ages, and tourists. It is located at No. 26, Alex Ekwueme Way Nera Hotel Waterfront, Jabi District, 900001 Nigeria. 

With just $542.5o you can visit the Jabi Boat Club. Jabi Boat Club opens on Monday from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM and Tuesdays to Sundays from 12:00 PM to 12:00 AM. You can purchase your tickets in advance on Tripadvisor, you can cancel your booking at least 24 hours (1 day) before the tour day so that your money can be fully refunded.

Benefits of Boating (Kayaking)

There are a lot of benefits attached to you both physically and mentally if you go kayaking in Abuja. It improves and builds a lot of things about you. The benefits boating gives are as follows:

Improved Upper Body Strength

The pulling action of the workout for your chest, back, arms, and shoulder. Boating tones up the muscles in those parts of your body.

Improved Endurance

Boating is part of those activities that boost your endurance. It becomes very useful in your normal daily activities, which means you will have more energy to do those activities.

Weight Management

It is also beneficial in keeping your weight in check and burning calories. Boating is a fun activity and it is better than sitting at home doing nothing.

Increased Core Strength

Whenever you are in the boat, you use your core to keep you focused and balanced in the boat. So, it assists you in increasing your core strength and helping them become stronger.

Mental Benefits

Those mentioned above are all physical benefits and boating also gives mental benefits. These benefits include; a good night’s sleep, enhanced ability to focus, improved memory, and improved mood.


Boating is an awesome recreational activity where you can have fun in Abuja by yourself, with friends, and with family. It has a lot of benefits to offer you both physically and mentally. 

When next you wish or want to have fun, you should just go to any of the boating centers of your choice and have the best time of your life.