Best Pet Insurance Companies

Best Pet Insurance Companies: Are you a pet owner or a pet lover? Investing in pet insurance can help offset the costs of healthcare for your beloved furry, scaly, or feathered companions, whether it’s Max, your yellow Labrador, or Bella, your Siamese cat.

However, to identify the top pet insurance companies, you should first determine the level of coverage you desire. While a standard policy typically covers accidents and, in some cases, illnesses, Certain policies offer broader coverage, including routine wellness expenses.

Hence, in this article, we will be enlightening you on the best pet insurance companies you could get insurance from for your pet just in case of future accidents.

What is Pet Insurance?                     

Pet insurance provides health coverage for your furry friend, encompassing expenses related to unexpected injuries and illnesses. It eases the financial burden of your pet’s medical bills. Similar to human health insurance, pet insurance is tailored specifically to pets and their veterinary care costs.

Best Pet Insurance Companies

Pet insurance is a financial tool that assists pet owners in saving money on vet bills. If you are thinking about being able to afford major medical care for your pet, then the list below will show you some of the best pet insurance companies you could use. They are as follows:


Nationwide ranks among the top pet insurance companies, boasting a legacy dating back to 2009, when it acquired Veterinary Pet Insurance.

It holds the distinction of being the longest-standing pet insurance provider in the United States. Nationwide offers a variety of pet insurance plans, including wellness, injury-only, and injury-plus-illness coverage. Additionally, they feature plans with unlimited annual coverage limits and a host of other benefits.


Despite Lemonade offering a single plan covering both accidents and illnesses, it remains one of the top pet insurance companies. What sets this company apart is its extensive selection of add-on options, surpassing most others in the industry.

The core policy includes coverage for prescription medications, diagnostic tests, injections related to covered conditions, surgeries, and more.

You have the flexibility to enhance your coverage with additional items such as vet visit reimbursements, behavioral therapy, dental care, physical therapy, and end-of-life support and remembrance services.

Moreover, they offer a range of preventative care packages, which can assist in covering routine expenses like blood work, wellness exams, vaccines, boosters, and much more.


MetLife is another standout in the realm of pet insurance companies. They offer a wide array of discounts that can effectively reduce your premiums.

These discounts are available for individuals in the military, members of group plans, first responders, healthcare workers, animal welfare employees, and those who make online purchases.

Furthermore, if you have multiple types of pets covered under your policy, you’ll benefit from a single deductible that covers all your pets, rather than separate deductibles for each one.


Another good and reputable insurance company to get a quote from for your pet is USSA.

However, like its other insurance products, it provides policies to military members and their families alone. Company-qualified pet owners have different types of solid pet insurance options.


Odie stands among the top pet insurance companies and belongs to a select few that cover procedures like root canals, dental illnesses, and crowns.

Additionally, Odie’s policies extend to include additional dental treatments, particularly if your pet undergoes regular exams and cleanings.


FIGO, while often associated with slightly higher premiums, earns its place among the best pet insurance companies by providing comprehensive coverage and, in some instances, full reimbursement for services.


Pumpkin is our choice for the best pet insurance for young pets, offering extensive insurance and non-insurance preventive care options at an affordable rate.

They offer reasonably priced plans with the flexibility to add preventative care packages for young cats and dogs, enhancing the standard coverage.


Spot is a top-tier pet insurance company catering to pet owners who want comprehensive coverage for their pets, regardless of the cost.

It’s also an excellent choice for older pets, as there’s no age limit for coverage. Spot offers unlimited annual coverage.


With over 150 years of experience in the insurance industry, MetLife is a leading player in the pet insurance sector. In 2019, they incorporated Pet First, a pet insurance company established in 2004, into their offerings.

MetLife provides a comprehensive accident and illness plan, along with an optional preventive care plan covering services such as bloodwork, dental cleanings, and microchipping for an additional monthly fee.

Pets Best

Pets Best Pet Health Insurance rounds out our list of the top pet insurance companies. Founded by veterinarian Jack Stephens in 2005, it offers pet owners the option of direct reimbursement to veterinarians, easing the burden of large bills.

The company offers two policy types: accident-only and accident and illness, with three care levels (Essential, Plus, and Elite, the most comprehensive).


The lists above are just some of the best pet insurance companies on the internet. For the determination of the best pet insurance companies, CNBC Choice examined dozens of pet insurance companies and related companies and compared them based on different types of factors.