Best Pet GPS Trackers Of 2024

Equipping your pet with the best 2024 GPS trackers can relieve your concerns about their whereabouts. These 2024 GPS trackers offer location updates to your phone, enabling fast retrieval of your pet if they wander off or get lost during adventures.

Best Pet GPS Trackers Of 2024

Additionally, the GPS trackers of 2024 are lightweight, sturdy, and waterproof, ensuring resilience against both your pet’s activities and unpredictable weather conditions. However, many GPS trackers provide valuable insights into your pet’s well-being, like their activity levels and any signs of discomfort.

Best Pet GPS Trackers Of 2024

If you enjoy taking your pet on hikes or allowing them to roam in your backyard, there are risks of them wandering off, especially if they have a strong prey drive. In such situations, a pet GPS tracker of 2024 becomes essential, aiding you in locating your pet’s location and safely guiding them back home.

When evaluating various best pet GPS trackers in 2024, factors to consider include the tracker’s size, battery longevity, tracking range, and whether it entails a monthly subscription.

Petfon Petfon2

The Petfon2 stands out as the best choice for pet GPS trackers, particularly for individuals seeking a non-subscription option. In addition, it earned the top position as our top overall pick. Additionally, its compact design can be attached to your dog’s collar, and the setup is easy, taking only minutes to complete.

Moreover, it provides precise locations, with detailed maps featuring street names and other identifying information to get your pet. It also has useful features such as customizable light-up and ringtone alerts, allowing you to personalize settings according to your preferences. Furthermore, it indicates a battery life of eight to 16 hours and can last significantly longer when not frequently utilizing the live tracking mode.

Fi Smart Dog Collar Series 3

Fi Smart Dog Collar simplifies monitoring your dog’s location, activity, and sleep from your smartphone and has both internal and external enhancements. This smaller and lighter tracking device can cater to little dogs while its enhanced durability offers better resistance against chewers and leash pullers.

Furthermore, its improved waterproofing ensures effective tracking of adventurous pups in various conditions. The Fi Series 3 emerges as the best pet GPS tracker for most dogs due to its robust construction, extended battery life, and dependable Lost Dog Mode.

Halo Collar 3

Halo Collar 3 enables pet owners to design a virtual fence for their pets that often rely on shock collars, compared to an invisible fence. Additionally, it utilizes a combination of sounds, vibrations, and a harmless static pulse to guide dogs to stay within designated areas. However, if the dog ventures the fence or if no virtual fence is set up in their current location, the Halo Collar 3 offers real-time tracking through any smartphone.

Moreover, they are available in various sizes and colors with some changes, also selecting the right fit for your dog is essential. The collars have durability and waterproofing, ensuring longevity and functionality in various conditions. Furthermore, regular recharging is necessary with a battery life of up to 24 hours.

Pawfit 3 Pet Tracker

The Pawfit 3 utilizes advanced technology for tracking and monitoring the well-being of your pet, directly from your mobile phone. This model comprises two parts such as a separate base plate that protects the collar and a device that can easily input onto the base plate. Moreover, the tracker sends an immediate notification on your phone if the device is removed from the base plate.

In terms of tracking performance, Pawfit offers options between satellite and basic Google maps, also it updates the location every 1-2 minutes, providing an accurate overview during walks. Pawfit offers two subscription tiers such as Basic and Premium, as the subscription durations range from 1 month to 24 months, all accessible upon activation.

Whistle GO Explore

The Whistle GO Explore is a dog tracking device that offers location tracking, monitoring, and health details in a small design suitable for dogs weighing 25 pounds and above. Typically, it has a lost dog mode feature, which updates your pet’s location every 15 seconds.

Additionally, it includes geo-fencing capabilities, allowing you to design many safe zones and alerts when your pet ventures beyond them. Moreover, it has a battery life claim extended to 15 days, offers a subscription starting from $99 per year, and a waterproof feature (IPX8).

Apple AirTag 4-Pack

Apple AirTag emerges as one of the best pet GPS trackers of 2024, with its simplicity, affordability, and compact form factor. These circular tracking devices, measuring just over 1.5 inches in diameter and lightweight, are suitable for dogs of all sizes.

Additionally, AirTag is resilient against splashes, water, and dust, capable of withstanding submersion up to one meter underwater for 30 minutes due to an IP67 rating. Moreover, each AirTag does not require a monthly subscription fee, positioning it as the most affordable option. Furthermore, Apple AirTag remains an excellent option for iPhone users, especially for those who prefer to allocate their budget towards other essential dog supplies.

Tractive GPS Dog LTE Tracker

The Tractive GPS Dog LTE Tracker stands out for its rapid escape alerts, outperforming any other tracker listed. Moreover, it consistently provided escape alerts within about one minute of leaving or entering a Safe Zone. While its battery life could be extended to 10 days for small sizes and 1 month for big sizes, it has additional health and social features.  Lastly, Tractive GPS Dog LTE Tracker offers exceptional GPS tracking capabilities at an affordable price.

PitPat GPS Tracker

The PitPat GPS Tracker offers an alternative to subscription-based GPS trackers for your dog. You can locate your dog without ongoing monthly subscription costs with a one-time upfront fee for the tracker.

Additionally, it’s established in Cambridge, UK, as it comes with its wireless charging pad, USB charging cable, and durable velcro straps. This helps for easy attachment to your dog’s collar or harness. In addition, PitPat also offers a popular Activity Monitor, which tracks your dog’s movement but lacks GPS functionality for locating your pet.

Jiobit Smart Tag

The Jiobit tracker stands out as the smallest GPS tracker, making it the best choice for small dogs and even cats. Additionally, its flexibility extends to monitoring the location of children, elderly family members, and adults, making it incredibly adaptable.

Moreover, setting up the Jiobit is quick and straightforward, requiring just a few minutes, and it offers an attachment via one of four different clips. However, simply select the clip that best suits your needs, whether it’s for your dog’s collar, a kid’s backpack, or clothing.

FitBark GPS Dog Tracker

The FitBark GPS stands out for its best-tracking features, offering more than just location monitoring for your dog. In addition, this device monitors various health metrics, including daily calories, activity duration, sleep quality, and distance traveled.

Moreover, you can integrate the app with Apple HealthKit and establish goals for both you and your dog. With the capability to connect to three different cellular networks, it delivers exceptionally accurate tracking data.

The best pet GPS trackers of 2024 help utilize a network of satellites to locate the precise location of your missing pet. Additionally, many trackers use a blend of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies to transmit your pet’s data to the app linked to your phone.