Best Motorcycle Rentals in South Africa

Best Motorcycle Rentals in South Africa- Would you like to rent a bike in South Africa? Or do you have plans to take part in a motorcycle tour? Then do not worry because, with the help of this blog post, I have got you covered.

So, if you need the best motorcycle rentals in South Africa, then you certainly need to check out these amazing companies first. Not only do these companies offer motorcycle rentals, but they also provide their clients with unforgettable tours that leave a lasting impression.

Best Motorcycle Rentals in South Africa

But when renting a motorcycle in South Africa, there are some things that you need to consider before proceeding with the rental. For instance, the price

Secondly, you also need to find out what type of bike is suitable for you. Lastly, you need the best motorcycle rental company to rent a bike from. In this article, we will outline some of the best rental companies to use.

What Bike Should I Rent?

The type of bike you should rent all comes down to what you prefer. In other words, personal preference is what affects the type of bike you rent. What is available and where you are riding also affect the type of bike you rent in South Africa.

For instance, if you are thinking of taking part in a motorcycle tour or want to rent a bike in the States and you will be on the road, then you may want to choose a big touring bike.

However, if you are traveling to mountainous or rural countries and are going off-road, then you can go for a mid-weight single-cylinder.

But cheaper and lighter rental bikes are a good idea because they are hassle-free. What’s more, they are easy to fix and fun to use, and you can drop them easily without having to go through any unnecessary stress.

Best Motorcycle Rentals in South Africa

If you are interested in going on a tour, want to explore new places, and need a bike to rent, fret not because in this section, you will find some of the best motorcycle rental companies in South Africa. So read on.

  • Adventure Africa Motorcycle Tours
  • Cape Bike Travel
  • Venture Outdoors South Africa
  • GS Adventures Motorcycle Tours
  • Ride2Roam


Explore360 is one of the best motorcycle rentals in South Africa. This company is committed to motorcycle travel as well as searching for new places to discover and explore.

They also want to give customers the best motorcycle experience with a lot of interesting adventures. Furthermore, they offer off-road training on your rented motorcycle or the one you own, as well as tours for you to enjoy.

Their rental bikes are a range of BMW GS motorcycles, and the rental price is separately mentioned in their brochure or included in the tour price.

Adventure Africa Motorcycle Tours

This is another good motorcycle rental company that you need to try out in South Africa. Furthermore, their aim is to leave customers with amazing experiences and memories of friendly people and the beauty of the African landmass.

Adventure Africa Motorcycle Tours also has excellent services and competitive prices. They have motorcycle rentals as well as motorcycle tours, and their rental bikes consist of BMW motorcycles.

Equally important, the tour prices range from £140 to £14,000, and the motorcycle rental price starts at £70 for a day.

Cape Bike Travel

Cape Bike Travel is one of the best motorcycle rentals in South Africa and is quite popular. Furthermore, this company is situated in central Cape Town and has been providing motorcycle tours and rentals since 2005.

What’s more, their rental bikes include BMW, Triumph, and Harley-Davidson motorcycles. At Cape Bike Travel, you get to enjoy motorbike rentals, self-guided tours, and guided motorcycle tours. The rental price is also approximately £75 per day.

Venture Outdoors South Africa

Another good and amazing motorcycle rental company in South Africa is Venture Outdoors South Africa. Trust me, this company creates the most interesting and unforgettable experience for their customers. Moreover, they offer services like customized tours, day trips, multi-day guided tours, and many more.

And guess what? All the tours have food, accommodation, insurance, fuel, and so on. The tour prices also range from £105 to £135 for day trips. The number of days you want to go on this tour makes the prices different.

GS Adventures Motorcycle Tours

Next is GS Adventures Motorcycle Tours. One of the most popular and best motorcycle rental companies in South Africa.

Their services include accommodation planning, guided motorcycle tours, backup support vehicles, route planning, customized private tours, and motorcycle rentals.

What’s more, their rental bikes include Harley-Davidson and BMW 1200 GS, with rental prices of approximately £90 for one day.


Lastly, we have Ride2Roam. Just because it is coming in last doesn’t mean it isn’t one of the best.

They have a variety of tour bikes, and the price of the tour depends on the type of motorbike you are renting and the size of the group. Plus, the bikes at Ride2Roam come with insurance, and gear can be made available.