Best Mobile Home Insurance Companies Of 2024

Best Mobile Home Insurance Companies – Investing in mobile home insurance is valuable as it offers protection against catastrophic events like fires, storms, theft, vandalism, and other unforeseen circumstances. Such a policy can also extend coverage to personal liability and the loss of personal items.

Best Mobile Home Insurance Companies Of 2024

While purchasing mobile home insurance is optional if you own a mobile home, if you finance your mobile home, your mortgage lender will likely require coverage. Additionally, certain mobile home communities may have requirements that residents maintain insurance coverage.

What Is Mobile Home Insurance?

Mobile home insurance, also known as manufactured home insurance, functions as an agreement between two parties (you and the insurance company), which highlights compensation for theft and damage.

Typically, this type of insurance provides similar protections to traditional homeowners insurance. The coverage includes compensation up to the specified limits for your damaged home and other structures, and it also extends coverage to your personal belongings.

In addition, manufactured home insurance can cover expenses related to lawsuits if you are held responsible for injuries or property damage resulting in legal action against you.

10 Best Mobile Home Insurance Companies of 2024

When choosing an insurance company for your mobile home and personal belongings, it’s crucial to examine how claims are settled.

Some insurance providers offer the choice to upgrade your entire policy to a replacement policy, usually at an additional cost.

In this article, we have explored different options to find the best mobile home insurance, taking into account the unique challenges associated with this type of housing. Some of the best companies include:

1. Allstate

Allstate is one of the best mobile home insurance companies, offering comprehensive policies, excellent customer service through local agents, and more. It outshines other companies with an impressive score of 4.84 out of 5.

However, it’s essential to be aware that Allstate may not include loss of use coverage in their mobile home insurance policy. Additionally, mobile homeowners might be eligible for a 5% discount and an additional 10% discount if they are retired or over 55 years old.

2. Erie Insurance

Erie offers home insurance with minimal rates and a broad range of endorsements that provide additional coverage. The company boasts a remarkably low level of complaints regarding its home insurance services.

Additionally, homeowners can benefit from discounts for installing a tie-down system and having a permanent foundation, which may qualify for extra savings.

Erie is considered one of the best insurers for mobile homes, offering various endorsements such as theft recovery, watercraft, and sinkholes. Furthermore, policyholders have the option to increase coverage for computer equipment.

3. State Farm

If you’re a new mobile home owner, State Farm might be the best insurer for you. The company offers valuable online resources to help you understand more about coverage and keep track of your home inventory.

Typically, State Farm operates through local agents, ensuring a personal customer service experience. For policyholders looking for numerous discount opportunities and add-ons specifically tailored for mobile home ownership, State Farm provides some of the industry’s lowest home insurance rates.

Notably, State Farm stands out by offering fair rental value reimbursements in case of losses in rental income when the home is rented. Furthermore, it holds the highest J.D. Power customer satisfaction rating among the providers reviewed.

4. Foremost

Foremost stands out as one of the best choices due to its extensive add-on coverage, policies tailored for mobile homeowners with credit challenges, and available discounts.

The company typically offers a comprehensive range of extra coverage, including debris removal and spoilage.

Foremost is notable for its willingness to write policies for individuals with credit problems and older dwellings.

Additionally, the company receives an endorsement from AARP and offers discounts to its members, adding another layer of value for policyholders.

5. Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual stands out by offering more discounts compared to other competitors, making it a cost-effective choice for eligible customers.

Known for quality customer service, Liberty Mutual streamlines the claims process to make it fast and easy.

Additionally, it provides inflation protection coverage, a valuable feature to guard against rising costs, and allows 24/7 online access to policies.

6. Progressive

Progressive is a top pick for mobile home insurance, offering special discounts for new homeowners. It stands out with a smooth online quote process, making it easy for potential policyholders to get the information they need.

One noteworthy feature is the replacement expense coverage with an extra discount tailored for new homeowners. Progressive also provides a mobile app, giving policyholders convenient access and management options.

7. American Family Insurance

American Family Insurance, established in 1927, provides a range of coverage for standard policies. This includes protection against fire, theft, vandalism, and other specified risks.

Policyholders can also add coverage for additional structures such as hidden water damage, matching siding, trip collision, and property coverage. AmFam offers various discounts, including bundling policies, enrolling in auto-pay, installing safety devices, loyalty rewards, and discounts for new homes.

Moreover, policyholders whose parents are also enrolled with AmFam receive a special discount. The insurance also has a feature for reducing the deductible coverage three times and granting a $100 credit automatically.

8. Farmers

Farmers’ mobile home insurance plans are crafted to fit individual needs. Your local agent can help you find the right coverage, deductible, and premium that match your budget.

While Farmers’ standard policies are customized, they offer fewer additional options compared to some competitors. However, Farmers stands out with features like claim forgiveness, which ensures your premium stays the same after five consecutive years without a claim.

They also provide a green improvement option to help make your equipment more efficient. This policy covers the replacement of lost or stolen personal property, even when you’re away from home.

9. American Modern

American Modern is a great choice for special coverage, especially for older mobile homes and those not occupied full-time.

They provide thorough protection. Plus, they offer various discounts, like bundling policies, making full payments, installing safety systems, and choosing paperless documents.

However, it’s important to note that coverage for belongings in an unoccupied home may not qualify for discounts. Additionally, in some cases, the maximum discount on premiums is limited to 10%.

10. USAA

Certain insurance companies have special deals for specific groups, giving them discounts and products that fit their needs. For example, USAA is for military members and their families, offering extra benefits.

However, if you live in a manufactured home, your insurance can cover things like damage and your belongings, just like it does for regular houses.

It also helps with accidental damage and vandalism. Plus, there’s coverage for personal liability, which helps with costs if someone gets hurt on your property and you need to go to court.


The best mobile home insurance companies understand the unique needs of their policies, setting them apart from standard homeowners’ insurance.

While several mobile home insurance companies, among others, could potentially meet your needs, it’s advisable to take the right approach by exploring multiple options and comparing their offerings.