Best Mental Health Insurance of 2024

Searching for the best mental health insurance is important for people who are being treated for mental disorders. Health insurance companies like the Affordable Care Act marketplace, private health insurance plans, and other health insurance companies offer mental health services insurance.

Finding the best companies can help you save on medical costs. It makes getting mental health care more convenient and lessens the out-of-pocket payments you make on treatments. It also increases consistency with your regular mental health care because it covers the regular payments made on treatments.

Best Mental Health Insurance

However, most health insurance companies offer mental health insurance to over a hundred people across different states. This write-up contains insights on the best mental health coverage along with how to get it.

 Best Mental Health Insurance

There are different types of mental health coverage you can purchase to lessen medical bills on your finances. The following are some of the best health insurance companies:

Kaiser Permanente

This mental health company offers a combination of health coverage and health services through unified care. Kaiser Permanente members get coordinated care through this system. Also, this insurer offers mental health coverage along with additional treatment expenses. Persons who need mental health support are connected to mental health professionals by phone, in person, or via telehealth through a Kaiser representative. They also provide coverage for most mental illnesses, along with treatment options such as therapy, crisis intervention, and medication.

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Blue Cross Shield health insurance offers mental health services coverage depending on the particular treatment and conditions stated on your plan and location. Different insurance companies offer this policy, but what it covers depends on the company. Most plans cover common mental health illnesses such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse disorders, and eating disorders. Other mental health illnesses like outpatient, inpatient, and community-based care may also be covered under this policy, depending on the insurer.


This insurer provides coverage for mental health services in person, on the phone, or via telehealth appointments. in addition, this company has a wide behavioral health provider network across policyholders. The type of mental health coverage a policyholder can get depends solely on their plan. Some of these insurer members have access to Sanvello, which is an application that offers support for mental health illnesses such as depression, anxiety, and stress.


Aetna offers its customers access to a variety of mental health treatment services, which include therapy in person and virtual appointments. Customers who need support can be paired with a care advocate who will get them the best treatment professionals they need. However, this company covers different common services, such as medication management and behavioral therapy.


This insurance includes offers comprehensive coverage for mental health. Depending on your insurance plan, you can get individual therapy, partial hospitalization, support groups, and 12-step recovery program coverage. Inpatient hospitalization or residential care coverage is also offered if it is necessarily needed medically.

How to Choose the Best Mental Health Insurance

It is advisable to compare insurers when checking for the best insurer for your needs. Most health insurance plans offer mental health coverage. When finding the best mental insurer, there are some factors you need to consider. These factors include:

  • Network size.
  • Services that are covered.
  • Free resources.
  • Virtual appointments.
  • Referrals.

Using these factors, you can easily identify the best mental health coverage companies that are good enough for you.

What Does Mental Insurance Cover?

Mental health insurance generally covers a wide range of services. Some of the services covered under mental insurance are:

  • Inpatient hospitalization.
  • Substance abuse treatment.
  • Medication.
  • Talk therapy.
  • Partial hospitalization.
  • Emergency care.

Depending on what is covered in your policy, mental insurance covers all of these.

What Does Mental Health Insurance Not Cover?

While a wide range of services are covered under mental health coverage, some services are not. However, specific services that may not be covered depend on the limitations and exclusions of your policy. Some services that are not covered by mental health insurance include:

  • Halfway houses.
  • Experimental treatments.
  • Also, educational programs for mental health.
  • Mental health or addiction treatments that do not need medical attention.
  • Also, genetic testing for psychotropic medication.
  • Third-party treatment request.
  • Lastly, Long-term mental treatment.

Most times, health insurance does not cover mental health treatments when medical interference is not needed or when it is not diagnosed medically.