Best FHA Loan Lenders

Best FHA Loan Lenders – If you don’t have perfect credit or have a lower income, getting a mortgage that is backed by the FHA (Federal Housing Administration) could be the best option. These types of loans are very popular among first-time homeowners. This is because they come with lower down payment requirements and a better credit score compared to other home loans. Just so you know, an FHA loan is not for a first-time home buyer. Homeowners who are seeking to refinance and repeat buyers can also enjoy this loan option.

Best FHA Loan Lenders

Furthermore, the Best FHA Loan Lenders are the ones that are helping borrowers become homebuyers in this situation. These loan companies set themselves apart from other lenders by providing a very lenient credit score and a competitive annual percentage rate. They also provide more lenient debt-to-income requirements, very quick closing times, and many more. If you choose an FHA loan as the best way to be a homeowner, this article lists the top lenders you can consider.

8 Best FHA Loan Lenders

We have compiled the best FHA loan lenders that excel in different ways. They include offering a very easy application process, competitive loan options, and amazing hands for help.

Rocket Mortgage

Arguably, Rocket Mortgage is one of the most popular mortgage lenders in the United States and has become a big household name. Most home loan lenders look at a minimum credit score of 620. Note that, the company does not accept people with very low credit scores (580) for certain loan options.

This lender has different programs that help potential applicants boost their credit scores before they apply. However, keep in mind that if you apply for a loan with a low credit score, You may be subjected to high-interest rates in the lender’s APR range. Rocket Mortgage offers FHA loans, conventional loans, jumbo loans, and VA loans, but it also offers USDA loans. Note: This company offers easy loan repayment for at least 30 years.


This lender offers an easy online process that can help you get a 30-year FHA mortgage loan to purchase a home. Also, keep in mind that by working with a participating estate agent in Washington, DC, or one of the 19 states, You might be able to get at least $2,000 in lender credit to put toward your closing costs.

Better provides amazing perks like easy application, no origination, and more. The pre-approval process only takes up to 3 minutes.

Guaranteed Rate

Guaranteed Rate has more than 200 branches nationwide. And it is available everywhere online in the United States. Unlike other lenders, the minimum credit score on FHA and VA loans is lower. It required just a 600 FICO. This can go a long way for first-time loan borrowers who do not have a credit history.

Under this lender, the minimum FICO requirement for a USDA loan and a conforming loan is 620. And it is just $600 for VA and FHA mortgages. However, guaranteed rate credit score requirements differ depending on the type of mortgage.


Chase is another top FHA loan lender. This lender offers a grant to help qualified borrowers cover closing costs. They also help find the closing cost. Although you can’t apply for loans fully online, they provide you with an officer who guides you through the application process. Also, Chase is very confident that it can close your FHA loan within 30 days. And it will give you $5,000 if it comes late.

PNC Bank

PNC Bank works in all 50 states in the United States. And provide different mortgage products, including loans for low-income borrowers. They offer an online experience referred to as HomeSight that provides borrowers with a deep dive into the home-buying journey. It helps customers know the payment that they can afford and start shopping for homes with good loan products and real-time quotes. This lender offers a full online pre-approval application process. This means you can apply for an FHA loan online and receive approval in a few minutes. You need a minimum credit score of 620 to apply.


LoanDepot is one of the most popular non-bank mortgage lenders in the United States. It has more than 100 branches across the country and provides an online application process. This lender offers adjustable-rate mortgages, FHA loans, Jumbo loans, VA loans, 203(k) loans, and fixed-rate mortgages. For an FHA loan, the lender requires a minimum credit score of 580. And 700 is the minimum credit score for jumbo borrowers. You can easily apply for loans online or at any of their locations in the United States. Currently, LoanDepot has origination centers in Tennessee, Arizona, and two others in California. The lender is currently licensed in all 50 states.

Bank of America

The Bank of America provides grants of over $7,500 to reduce costs for low-income people who want to buy homes in specific areas. It provides another grant that can help cover the down payments of about 3% of the home process. This is only available to eligible borrowers. If you are eligible, it could allow you to finally become a homeowner.

Guild Mortgage

Guild Mortgage provides online and in-person mortgage services. They have branches in 31 states in the USA. This lender offers a good option for people with a low credit score, as low as $600. Going through the loan application process through Guild Mortgage is very fast and easy. This makes it a very good choice for people who do not want to visit local branches. Guild Mortgage offers FHA loans, conventional loans, VA loans, USDA loans, and Jumbo loans.

Ally Home is the best Lender for Jumbo Loans

Nowadays, it is very common for loan companies to charge different fees on mortgage applications. This includes an origination fee, an application fee, a processing fee, and underwriting fees. All these fees can end up costing a huge amount during the home-buying process. However, you need to know that Ally Home does not charge these fees. Although they may charge a recording and appraisal fee, they also charge insurance and title searches.

You can easily get pre-approved for a home loan in just 2–3 minutes online.


Do more research on any of these FHA loan lenders and choose the best one to become a homeowner. All of the lenders on this list provide an easy application process for every borrower. Apply today by visiting their website or the local branches in the United States.