Best European Breakdown Cover

If you are planning a road trip through Europe, it is very important to have the best European breakdown cover. The good news is that you have a lot of options to choose from, including the AA, RAC, Green Flag, GEM Motoring Assist, Allianz Assistance, MotorEasy, and QDOS.

Best European Breakdown Cover

These companies provide coverage not only in the UK but also in a lot of European countries. So, before you hit the road, ensure that you do your research. Then, select the best European breakdown cover that suits your needs. In this article, we will outline and discuss the best European breakdown cover available for you.

What is the European Breakdown Cover?

European breakdown cover is available to offer you roadside assistance and recovery services in case your car breaks down. This service makes sure that you get the necessary assistance, such as car repair or towing to the nearest garage, throughout your driving holiday. There are a lot of options available when it comes to selecting a breakdown cover.

Best European Breakdown Cover

Not only are all these the top trustworthy breakdown providers available in the UK market. But they each provide some of the best European breakdown cover options too.

AA European Breakdown Cover

The AA is the biggest breakdown service provider in the United Kingdom, with more than 12 million customers. Their European breakdown cover gives access to over 35,000 repairers and recovery operators in over 40 countries across the continent.

You are protected from the moment you leave your home. To the moment you return from your travels, no matter the age of your vehicle. They also offer alternative accommodation and travel arrangements and will recuperate your vehicle back to the United Kingdom. In addition, they cover up to about £50,000 in legal costs.

RAC European Breakdown Cover

The RAC is a highly-rated breakdown provider in the United Kingdom, with more than 12 million members. They are likewise known for their 5-star-rated Defaqto service overseas. The RAC’s basic European cover provides infinite roadside assistance across Europe, with coverage for the market value of your car or more to return it back to the United Kingdom if needed.

Their best European breakdown cover includes up to about £1,000 in replacement travel tickets, garage costs, and unlimited United Kingdom breakdown cover up to 7 days ahead of traveling to Europe, making it a comprehensive option.

Green Flag European Breakdown Cover

For more than fifty years, Green Flag has been offering reliable breakdown cover to drivers in the United Kingdom. Contrasting other options, Green Flag’s Euro Plus breakdown cover is an extension of their standard Recovery Plus United Kingdom breakdown cover.

With Euro Plus, you can enjoy a range of benefits, including unlimited European coverage for about 90 days a year. Also, 24-hour roadside assistance anywhere on the continent, and no call-out charges. With Green Flag’s Euro Plus breakdown cover, you can travel with peace of mind, knowing that you are safe no matter where you go.

GEM Motoring Assist

GEM Motoring Assist is an important player in the motoring industry, with a strong reputation for road safety that exceeds that of its competitors. They have been serving motorists in the United Kingdom since the 1930s.

GEM has combined with travel insurance specialist P. J. Hayman to provide Euro Plus, a comprehensive insurance package. With offices in more than 20 European countries, Euro Plus offers a range of options, including roadside and recovery assistance. Also, single and annual multi-trip policies and a top-notch insurance claims service.

Allianz Assistance

Allianz Assistance offers a European breakdown cover policy that seems to be available only on their Gold Plus European Breakdown Cover, their most expensive level of coverage. With Allianz, you can get a courtesy car if mechanics cannot repair your vehicle within eight hours, or rather opt for overnight accommodation.

Or an onward rail ticket to continue your journey. In addition, if your car is being stored in Europe for repair, Allianz will cover the cost of storage and transportation back to your home address.

MotorEasy European Breakdown Cover

MotorEasy provides European breakdown coverage only with its top-level coverage plan. This means that for you to enter European cover options, you must likewise get all the other services included in your breakdown cover, like onward journey, home assistance, and national recovery. As a result, MotorEasy European cover can be a little expensive and may not be the best option if you only need cover for a single trip to Europe.

In addition, Europewide Recovery is available for a yearly subscription alone. This means that if you want to get cover from MotorEasy. You need to be obligated to use all their other services too, which may not be possible if you already have United Kingdom breakdown cover from another provider.


QDOS is a quickly growing independent provider of breakdown services in the United Kingdom that provides top-rated coverage across all areas. Their European Breakdown Policy covers most regions in Europe, with all the benefits of their full United Kingdom Policy during the year.

With the QDOS European breakdown policy, you can travel for up to about 60 days without worrying about any issues. The policy covers the driver, the vehicle, and up to about seven passengers.

How Much is the Best European Breakdown Cover?

AAFROM £7 daily
RACFROM £7 daily
GREEN FLAGFROM £70  yearly
QDOSFROM £23 yearly


In conclusion, as a motorist, it is crucial to have breakdown cover, particularly if you are traveling abroad. Even with constant maintenance of your vehicle, there is always a possibility of it breaking down, which can leave you stranded and facing significant problems in getting things back in order. Hence, it is important you get the best European breakdown cover today.