Best Car Insurance For New Drivers

Best Car Insurance For New Drivers – Affordable car insurance may not immediately be associated with the introduction of a new driver, especially a teenager. However, when incorporating a teen driver into your existing car insurance policy, cost-effective options are available.

Opting for this approach instead of securing a separate policy for the teen often proves to be the most economical choice. Car insurance for new drivers, like teens or young adults, is often pricier than for experienced drivers with clean records.

Best Car Insurance For New Drivers

This category also encompasses individuals driving for the first time, immigrants lacking a U.S. driving history, and those with coverage gaps. However, to secure the most budget-friendly car insurance policy, new drivers can benefit from exploring various options and comparing rates before making a decision.

The Best Car Insurance for New Drivers

In the realm of car insurance, newly licensed drivers often face higher premiums compared to their more experienced counterparts. There is no specific insurance category for new drivers, but rates for those with less experience usually exceed those for seasoned drivers.

Additionally, insurers categorize new drivers as teens, adults new to driving, immigrants, and those with lapses in driving or insurance coverage. Despite these challenges, there are strategies available to secure the best car insurance for new drivers.


GEICO stands out, providing competitive premiums for new drivers, especially teens and young adults facing higher-than-average insurance rates. However, GEICO extends discounts to new drivers who complete driver’s education or defensive driving courses.

Additionally, students with good academic performance receive discounts. Also, vehicle owners with standard safety features, like airbags and anti-lock brakes, qualify for additional savings. Moreover, eligibility for a good student discount requires full-time enrollment in a recognized educational program.


USAA, a financial services provider exclusively serving military service members, veterans, and their families, emerges as a standout choice for drivers. However, with the lowest average annual rates, it consistently secures top rankings in our assessments of the most economical car insurance companies.

Customer satisfaction is a key attribute, with policyholders consistently awarding high marks. USAA excels in benefits for policy bundling, offering discounts for multiple vehicles, policies, and legacy policyholders connected to veterans through family ties.

Typically, this unique approach enhances the appeal of USAA for those within the military community seeking comprehensive and affordable coverage.

State Farm

State Farm earns our Best Customer Experience accolade with affordable rates, diverse coverage options, and an extensive range of discounts. The company’s rates for 19-year-old drivers consistently fall below the national average, showcasing its commitment to providing cost-effective solutions.

Additionally, it supports young drivers with incentives like a good student discount (up to 25% for a B average). Typically, their Steer Clear program, designed for under-25 drivers, offers app-based safe-driving courses with discounts up to 20%.

However, it maintains a stellar reputation with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and an impressive A++ financial strength rating from AM Best. These accolades affirm State Farm’s commitment to customer satisfaction and financial stability.


Erie Insurance, serving 12 states in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, and Washington, D.C., stands out as a regional provider for auto, home, and various insurances. Particularly, it appeals to new drivers by offering accident forgiveness, protecting them from financial penalties or surcharges after their first accident.

This benefit applies, with a minimum requirement of three years of prior Erie insurance coverage in most states. Furthermore, for single individuals under 21 residing at home, Erie extends a valuable discount, catering to the needs of some new drivers.

Moreover, the insurer’s diminishing deductible discount proves advantageous for cautious young drivers who manage for a year or more without filing a claim.


Nationwide stands out as an attractive car insurance choice for new drivers, primarily due to its array of discounts. However, the sampled data suggests its annual premium stays below the national average.

Although, Nationwide might not provide the most economical rates for teens and young drivers, but sampled data suggests its annual premium stays below the national average.

Additionally, for college-bound young drivers with infrequent driving habits, Nationwide provides two distinct usage-based insurance programs designed to deliver cost savings.

American Family

American Family distinguishes itself with a comprehensive selection of optional car insurance coverage tailored for parents of teen drivers. This includes valuable features like new car replacements and accident forgiveness.

Notably, American Family boasts a remarkably low level of complaints related to its car insurance services, further enhancing its standing in the market. Despite having average car insurance rates for policies incorporating teen drivers, they average $5,663 annually or $5,110 per year.

American Family stands out for parents seeking reliable and supportive insurance for young drivers, with exceptional customer satisfaction and additional coverage options.


Progressive emerges as an excellent car insurance option for young drivers in search of top-notch discounts. However, it offers various cost-saving opportunities for smart students, distant students, claim-free drivers, online quote seekers, and autopay participants, among other benefits.

Additionally, the insurer provides a Safe Driver Rewards program known as Snapshot, where drivers can realize an average savings of $146. Progressive’s commitment to numerous discounts and incentives makes it a standout choice for young drivers seeking affordability and comprehensive coverage.


First-time car insurance buyers, especially young drivers, can benefit from Allstate’s user-friendly online tools and resources. Typically, these include a coverage calculator and a car payment calculator, providing valuable assistance in navigating insurance options and understanding financial implications.

Allstate’s commitment to helping drivers make informed decisions is evident through these helpful tools. Additionally, the insurer extends a commendable array of discounts, enhancing its appeal for young drivers seeking cost-effective and well-informed insurance solutions.

Auto-Owners Insurance

Spanning operations across 26 states, Auto-Owners presents a diverse range of coverage options, accompanied by notable discounts tailored for teen drivers. The company’s good student discount is particularly advantageous, offering up to 20% off for 18-year-olds who maintain a B average or better.

Additionally, young motorists can capitalize on a teen driver monitoring discount by using a GPS device while driving. However, Auto-Owners stands out as an economical choice, averaging approximately 41% cheaper than the national average for 18-year-olds.


Travelers provide competitive rates for both 19-year-old female and male drivers, with special discounts tailored for younger drivers. Students enrolled in high school or college and maintaining a commendable GPA can enjoy discounts of up to 8%.

Additionally, young drivers have the opportunity to reduce costs by completing a Travelers-approved defensive driving course. In addition to their base coverage, Travelers offers a range of supplementary car insurance options. Notably, Travelers boasts an A++ financial strength rating from AM Best and holds an A rating from the BBB, ensuring a solid foundation for their insurance offerings.


For new drivers seeking economical car insurance, it’s crucial to not only evaluate premiums and discounts but also carefully consider coverage options and additional features offered by various companies on our recommended list.