Best Bike Insurance For 2024

What is the best bike insurance? Are you wondering where you can get the best bike insurance to cover your two-wheelers? If you are unsure of where you can the best insurance coverage for this purpose. Then you need to read through this article. Meanwhile, getting bike insurance is one of the surest ways to meet any financial fee that may pop up unexpectedly due to accidents or disasters while riding your bike.

Best Bike Insurance

When issues like this happen, it is an unfortunate event that may break the bank and likely cause a heavy strain on your pockets. However, when you purchase bike insurance, all these issues are taken care of. Purchasing bike insurance offers you the safety, security, and peace of mind you need.

Although, getting bike insurance might seem to be a difficult process because of the thousands of available bike insurance companies. But with the right guidelines and tips, you can successfully obtain the right policy that matches your needs. Not to worry, we’ve compiled the best bike insurance company you can purchase a quote from. Check out the outline below.

Top 5 Best Bike Insurance Companies to Get a Quote  

Are you new to the insurance world and don’t know much about how to get the best bike quote? You don’t have to worry about it anymore. Trying to get the best bike insurance might be a confusing procedure to deal with. Luckily, you can get all that you need from this article. Here are the top best 5 bike insurance companies:

Yellow Jersey

The first best bike insurance company is Yellow Jersey Insurance and they are well known for offering the best services to customers. They offer three coverages which include the Essentials, the Performance, and the Ultimate. Also, they offer a multi-bike discount, travel cover, public liability, and more.

This insurance company has a lot of amazing benefits which are enjoyed by its customers. However, one of their greatest benefits includes their Zero Depreciation offer. This offer simply means that you as the insured will always be compensated the original value of the bike. This is done regardless of how ancient the bike is.

For the insured who are urban riders or cyclists, the Essentials covers any accidental damage, vandalism, theft, personal injury, and more. In addition, you get a DNA security marking that discourages thieves, a family cover, a multi-bike discount, an accessory cover of £ 250, and £ 10,000 for permanent injury. In conclusion, there are tons of amazing features that the Yellow Jersey insurance company has to offer.


Another best two-wheeler insurance companies to get a quote from is Bikmo. This insurance company is known to offer a lot of insurance policies that cover all their customers with the safety they offer. As an individual, you can select and pick from their list of benefits what they offer and what suits you best.

Some of the benefits they offer include the: £100,000 legal expenses cover, £2 million public liability insurance, cover for bike boxes, and accessories, cover for accidental damage as well as vandalism, 50% multi-bike discount, the option to pay in installments monthly and also interest-free, etc.

Bikmo also has an accidental damage and vandalism cover which also includes theft. However, they do this as long as you adhere strictly to the locking requirements of Bikmo. In addition, they also have a Zero depreciation offer when they calculate the cost of damages.


At the Velosure insurance company, you can pick a policy of your choice for your chosen discipline. This is because the Velosure insurance company offers their insured any insurance policies that are simply based on their chosen discipline and they all vary.

Moreover, these policies include ones for urban bikes, leisure bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, electric bikes, road bikes, sports bikes, etc.  In addition, Velosure has standard covers that include accidental damage, the new for old replacements, and an up to £2 million public liability, theft, multi-bike discount, etc.

The policy and coverage you get depend on your needs as the insured. Velosure is known to add extras that are optional to your policy as well.  Besides that, it could also include worldwide and European travel, sports and competition covers, accessories covers, personal accidents, replacement bike hire and so much more.

Wiggle insurance

Meanwhile, Wiggle insurance practically comes with three different coverage levels to pick from such as Assist, Essential, and Elite.  Moreover, they are also known to be the fastest-acting insurance provider out of a lot. In most cases, a lot of insurance providers will require you to inevitably provide proof of costs and this could be a mechanical breakdown hence you taking a taxi home, dental treatment, and so on before they reimburse.

However, in the case of Wiggle Insurance, they are quick to action, instantly providing all the necessary medical care, transportation, etc. Moreover, they also offer interest-free monthly payments to their customers. In addition, they also offer a multi-bike discount, public liability, travel cover, and so much more.


The Pedalsure insurance company has a simple policy that also has a long list of customizations as well as personal cover options. In addition, Pedalsure Insurance is well known for offering a wide variety of quotes system that enables bike riders to select their required coverage.

Furthermore, they offer a lot of options and benefits to their customers. Some of these include the race cover and the accessories cover. Also, the three tiers of personal cover, up to 60 days of travel cover, a 50% multi-bike discount and so much more.

In addition to all these, Pedalsure’s policy to their customers involves a personal accident cover, theft cover, accidental damage and vandalism cover, reimbursement of up to £500 to cover the claim when you hire a replacement bike, and so on.  Further, their insurance easily provides the insured with legal protection as well as the personal liability they need.