Best Apps for Live TV

What are the best apps for Live TV? Numerous streaming services are available that provide live channels through an internet connection. They still have options for everyone, even though they cater to a variety of audiences.

Best Apps for Live TV

With the demand for original and unique content, more online live TV streaming apps are being created.

If you love binge-watching either a movie or a TV show, you can do this through live-streaming apps. These streaming apps have lots of amazing content that will keep you glued to your screen.

The type of streaming service you choose will depend on the type of live streaming app available, the TV shows and movies they offer, and the annual or monthly subscription. In this blog post, I will provide a list of only the best apps for live TV.

10 Best Apps for Live TV

There are a variety of live TV apps; however, the type you choose depends on your viewing preferences. These apps cover a variety of content and provide different functionalities.

Some apps are perfect for news coverage, while others are good for sports, and others offer a broad spectrum of channels. All these apps provide free, high-quality streaming that makes live TV viewing an amazing experience.

Peacock TV

Peacock TV is also an online TV app that provides a rich blend of content, both premium and free. This app also provides a mix of classic TV shows, season episodes, and movies. It is a versatile platform that caters to a variety of tastes, which makes it a top live TV-free option for different platforms.

Furthermore, Peacock TV provides a user-friendly and intuitive experience. Some of the features of this app include exclusive Peacock Originals, which offer unique content that you can’t find anywhere else, parental controls that allow for a family-friendly viewing experience, and live sports streaming so that you never miss a big game.


Twitch is a very popular live TV streaming app that was created by Amazon. This app has over 100 million monthly viewers. It is also focused on live-streaming video games, and it enables you to watch music, creative content, sports competitions, and others.

In either full-screen mode or theater mode, you can stream with little to no interruption. Some of the features of this app include the ability to keep track of your favorite games and channels. It also has live and recorded videos of top games, players, and events.


If you want to know some of the best TV shows and movies from different parts of the globe, then Netflix is the ideal platform for you.

This streaming app has a large collection of award-winning series, documentation, movies, and some stand-up specials. With just one account, you can set up to five profiles, and it is also a safe-watching experience for children.

Xumo Play

Xumo Play is a free TV app that provides a unique blend of on-demand and live content. It has more than 190 channels, and it is also one of the best free TV apps for smart TVs and phones.

Whatever you are into, you will find content for you on Xumo Play. There is curated on-demand content that allows you to watch whatever you want, whenever you want.

There is also sports and news coverage that keeps you updated on the current games and events. In addition, Xumo Play is also compatible with several platforms, which include smart TVs, Android TVs, and mobile devices.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a free live TV app that provides lots of channels at your disposal. Whatever it is that you are looking for, you can definitely find it on Pluto TV.

This app is designed to work smoothly with several platforms, and it is a live TV app for smart, Android, and mobile devices. With this app, you can enjoy live TV online for free on your mobile device.

The interface is user-friendly, which makes navigation much easier. Pluto TV provides a seamless user experience with easy navigation and high-quality streams. Its diverse content and intuitive design make it one of the best apps for live TV streaming.


Plex is an extensive media solution that enables you to organize and stream media libraries with its free live TV offerings. This is a free live TV app for Android TV, Smart TV, and other platforms, which makes it an excellent choice for your streaming needs.

It has a personal media library that enables you to integrate your own content. Furthermore, Plex provides a customizable user experience that enables you to make a media library to suit your taste. It is one of the best apps for your smart TV, thanks to its diverse content offerings.


Jio Cinema is specially designed for people who use Jio SIMs. This on-demand video streaming service comes with more than 100,000 hours of TV shows, movies, clips, originals, music videos, trailers, and more.

You can also get content in English, Hindi, and other regional languages in India. This app supports Chromecast, and there are no advertisement pop-ups.

Sling TV

Sling TV provides three basic packages along with a wide variety of packages that have lots of channels. The plan starts at $40 per month for the Blue or Orange channel package.

This package has 31 channels, which include TNT and TBS, and it is like an ESPN/Disney package. The Sling Blue provides 39 channels and a Fox/NBC package.

If you want more channels, then you can join the Orange and Blue package for $55. Sling also has lots of European and Asian language offerings. It also provides Brazilian and Arabic languages.

Furthermore, Sling TV has a user-friendly interface, customization of channels, and speed.


Hulu provides shows, movies, sports, live news, Hulu originals, and many more. You can choose the plan that suits you. Hulu also has a library of classic shows and an amazing selection of movies.

This video streaming service is owned by one of the business segments of the Walt Disney Company. With Hulu, you can create up to six customized profiles for one account. There are also no hidden fees in the app.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV provides an amazing selection of live sports, a news channel, and other popular entertainment options. Some of its top networks include AMC, CNN, ABS, ESPC, CBS, FOX, NBC, FX, Discovery, PBS, and others.

This is the best option for replacing the cable, and you can add other packages to meet your needs. This streaming service has a $10 monthly add-on, and it gives you unlimited simultaneous streams, which enables you to get unlimited simultaneous streams and watch 4K videos.

Streaming apps cut down on boredom, even when you are all alone. With these streaming apps, you can watch your favorite shows online.