Best Apps For Editing Pictures

Best Apps For Editing Pictures – Don’t know the apps that you can use to edit your photos? Well, look no further because this blog post will provide the best apps that you can use to edit your photos on your Smartphones.

So, do you want to know these apps and utilize them, stick with me through to the end of this article to be enlightened.

Best Apps For Editing Pictures

Photo editing apps aren’t just for professional photographers. Nowadays, you can edit your pictures to have the best quality all from your Smartphones. 

As a beginner, you will find editing photos quite easy with these best photo editing apps. This is because it is very easy to use and also intuitive. The menus and features aren’t hard to understand either.

Furthermore, photo editing apps have lots of powerful tools that you can use to customize your photos to how you want them. In addition, photo editing apps make it easy to share your photos with your friends and family.

Best Apps for Editing Pictures

With many photo editing apps on the web, it can be a little hard to choose the one that suits your needs. Fortunately, this segment will introduce you to at least 10 best photo editing apps to improve the quality of your pictures.


PhotoDirector is a user-friendly photo editing app that provides several creative features to edit your photos. It also has a ton of royalty-free stock library offered by iStock and Shutterstock.

PhotoDirector has expert quality tools that can transform an ordinary picture into a stunning image. It has all basic editing tools and color grading, object removal tools, customized collages, and an A1-powered background replacement for putting flawless sunsets to your photos.

PhotoDirector has tools that you can use to make your own AI Avatars. It also uses AI image detection and transformation effects to make caricatures and magic avatars that are currently on trend on social media.

Afterlight Photo

Afterlight provides an excellent balance between simplicity and precision.  You can also find edition options in the app which includes touch tools. These enable for more accurate editing. Afterlight Photo enables you to adjust saturation, hue, color, and many more.

This app has a unique collection of preset filters. Within the filter library, you will find mobile guest photographers and several themes.

In addition, the Afterlight also provides RAW image support and additional tools which include editing options such as double exposure, light leak, and film grain. This photo editing app has all the basic features and it easily imports your photo library.

Photoshop Camera

Photoshop Camera is an easy-to-use editing app. It adds a library of lenses with simple fine-tuning tools. These features apply different styles to your photos as you edit them.

Although it is not a really powerful editing app, still it brings out your creative side with its unique features. Photoshop Camera is an amazing light-hearted option. It is a great option for editing apps and it is also free to use. However, it has a few in-app purchases.

Best Apps For Editing Pictures – Hypocam

Hypocam is among the best editing apps for black-and-white editing photography. This editing app is sleek and minimal and you can also use a wide range of standard creative tools.

It has presets that are ideal for monochrome photography. For a free app, Hypocam has every photo editing feature such as shadows, exposure, and contrast.

You can choose to take a picture or choose from your library.  On this app, you can adjust your shot and apply filters. Hypocam also stores all your post-process and edits in case you want to visit them later.


VSCO adds an easy photo editing suite with a social feed and it is free to use. It has tools such as contrast, temperature correction, and exposure. All these features make VSCO ideal for cinematic and moody shots.

VSCO has a sleek and intuitive layout. Other than the basic tools, you will also access features such as an alignment tool. VSCO also enables users to edit videos.

However, you need to subscribe to a paid plan. It also has more than 200 presets that are inspired by effects and traditional film photography.


Snapseed is a free app for editing photos. It is also one of the most popular editing apps for photos and it is owned by Google. Snapseed provides an excellent balance between deep photo editing and simplicity. 

In Snapseed, you will find lots of selections of more than 29 important tools and filters. There is also a brush, HDR, healing, and brush. Another feature is that it has the ability to perform photo editing.

As you edit your photos, the changes will show in a preview and it doesn’t damage the quality of the image. Snapseed can also edit your RAW files and you can rotate your images with ease.

Snapseed also gives you accurate control over brightness levels. You can add vintage and drama textures with multiple filters and styles.

Best Apps For Editing Pictures – Superimpose X

Superimpose X is an editing app that lets you make amazing photos. It has a good balance between image manipulation and after-effects. This app also features can also be a little tricky to master.

However, there are several tutorials to help you.  Superimpose X boasts a robust collection of layer effects and an attractive design. It has several features that let you seamlessly edit your photos.

Superimpose X is a photo editing app that lets you bring out your creative side. With its tools, you can easily transform your photos. It also has more than 18 blending modes and it also has effective automatic masking tools that are built with AI.

Prisma Photo Editor

Prisma can turn your ordinary image into a stunning painting. This makes the photo editing app stand out from the rest and it has a huge library of filters.

Prisma uses an AI technology to edit your photo. You can also edit the final image to your desire. You will also find a full suite of photo editing options.

Prisma Photo Editor has sliders to adjust exposure, sharpness, and saturation. Prisma has lots of new filters and the library is always developing.


Foodie is a photo editing app that is focused on creating the best food images for Instagram. It has a wide library of presets and unique tools that make it ideal for editing food photos.

You can also find tons of attractive filters and many of them are ideal for things that are other than food. If you like taking photos selfies, then this photo editing app is ideal for you and it is also free to use.

Best Apps For Editing Pictures – Adobe Lightroom for Mobile

Adobe Lightroom for mobile is an impressive and powerful editing app. This app is also a part of the software suite with Adobe’s Creative Cloud, Lightroom, or even Photography Plan.

This app is totally free and you can also use a variety of standard editing tools in their free version. However, having a monthly subscription is better because you will access lots of tools.

Adobe Lightroom for Mobile allows you to easily crop retouch and enhance your photos. You can also apply detailed effects with its simple sliders and also choose from broad color adjustments.

You can also adjust your perspective and add more effects. The free version allows you to focus on the basics. The Lightroom also syncs with your picture library.

Several photo editing apps provide easy and quick editing tools and most of them also let you edit videos. Whether you are a professional or not, these photo editing apps have tools that are easy to understand.