Best Apps for Apple Watch

Best Apps for Apple Watch – The Apple Watch has been around for a very long time now, long enough to find itself on the wrists of different people in the world. As an owner will tell you, the things that actually make It great are the apps it harbors.

Best Apps for Apple Watch

There are different types of apps to choose from, whereby each performs a definite function in making our lives a tad bit simpler. Apple Watches are one of the best smartwatches for their combination of third-party apps.

However, the best Apple Watch apps will assist you in making the most of your high-tech smartwatch. In this article, I will review some of the best apps for Apple Watch.

10 Best Apps for Apple Watch

As a dedicated Apple Watch user who has thoroughly tested numerous apps, I can confidently recommend a curated selection of applications that excel in both usability and functionality.

Below, you’ll find a compilation of some of the top apps for Apple Watch, carefully selected to enhance your experience:

Water Reminder

Water Reminder is one of the best apps for your watch, it is one of the apps everyone should make use of. Staying hydrated is hard especially when you are facing a busy schedule, even if you are with the best water bottle.

This app will help you by notifying you if you have gone too long without taking water.


Strava ranks among the finest apps, seamlessly connecting your device to the world’s largest social platform for athletes. With this app, you can log your workouts and training routes, engage with a global community, and challenge your friends.


Another standout among the best apps, Headspace, the renowned meditation app, offers guided meditation and breathing sessions right on your wrist. If you seek to reduce your phone usage, Headspace is the perfect Apple Watch companion.

Apple Music

A top choice in the realm of Apple Watch apps, Apple Music provides an exceptional music experience. While it’s part of premium streaming music services without a free tier, a monthly subscription unlocks access to your favorite tunes on your Apple Watch.


Audible is another must-have among Apple Watch apps, enabling you to transfer audiobooks from your phone for offline listening. The app seamlessly syncs with your iPhone, allowing you to pick up right where you left off in your audiobook.


Calm, a guided meditation app, is also among the best apps. Whether you’re new to meditation or a seasoned practitioner, Calm offers sessions ranging from 3 to 25 minutes, catering to a wide audience.


As one of the premier apps, AutoSleep specializes in tracking your sleep patterns. It automatically detects when you fall asleep and wake up, providing a comprehensive analysis in the morning, taking into account time spent in bed, movement, and heart rate.

Google Maps

Google Maps is now available on your Apple Watch, making it one of the top navigation apps. It offers comprehensive assistance in reaching your destination, virtually anywhere in the world.


Runance, part of the best Apple Watch app collection, may not be as intricate as some competitors, but it excels in simplicity.

The app offers easy access to toggling between rolling and average tempos, as well as automatic or manual workout pausing. It tracks essential metrics like heart rate, distance, elapsed time, tempo, and training zone.


This app promotes an active lifestyle by tracking standing time. It records any activity lasting at least one minute within an hour, with a daily limit of 24. When you open the app, you can review your daily standing progress.

In Conclusion

The selection of outstanding Apple Watch apps is vast. To optimize your experience, it’s essential to load your watch with apps that offer the best user experience.

The Apple Watch App Store is brimming with excellent options, and the aforementioned apps represent just a glimpse of the top choices available.