Best 2020 Games for Android – 4 Top Android Games Available Now

What are the best 2020 games for Android? Since 2019 has gone by and it’s already half of the year 2020. Many people are still searching for the top 2020 games to play on Android devices. Without a doubt, every month comes a new release of mobile games app at least more than 50 every month of different developers from around the world. On the contrary, there are so many exciting games to play on your mobile for 2020. But in this article, we will only mention the top 10 best 2020 games for Android to play.

Best 2020 Games for Android - 4 Top Android Games Available Now

Nevertheless, playing games on mobile has been one of the medical therapies in relieving one from stress. The recent upgrade on mobile devices has subjected gaming developers to the introduction of enhanced and fascinating games. Initially, there are hundreds of 2020 games compatible with Android mobile devices. This article well only deliberates on the best 2020 games for Android users.

Top 4 Best 2020 Games for Android

Call of Duty Mobile

On the contrary, this is one of the latest Android games and it’s accessible for you to play for free. Call of Duty: Mobile is a very popular and highly rated Android game that has a couple over millions of players using the releases of the game. the game is built-in with a normal FPD and online PvP mode as well as a 100-player battle royale. The game is similar to the like of PUBG Mobile bases on its battle royale.

GRID Autosport

Initially, GRID Autosport was released in 2019 but it’s considered as one of the top rating games for 2020 on Android. It’s one of the best racing games that’s compatible with Android devices. without denying, Riptide GP and Asphalt franchises are good games for Android devices. but GRID Autosport has it the landmark that Riptide GP and Asphalt can’t stand. It’s a fascinating game that comes with no in-app purchases and ad-free. the factors that make the game outstand includes the graphic, controls, hardware controller support.


GRIS is also one of the best 2020 for Android which is an adventure game that is built-in with puzzle-platformer elements. Even the glancing at the game, you will already know that it’s a good game. the game tells about a young girl that got lost in her world while going through some painful experience. The game does not involve the death of the player, you need to do is explore the world, solve puzzles, and lots more.

Legends of Runeterra

On the contrary, Legends of Runeterra is one of the best 2020 games for Android devices. it’s a new game and online battle game that is similar to a game like Hearthstone. All you need to do is collect card and heroes, and also build a deck from the card and heroes you collected. You can invite friends to play and there are 24 champions included in the game.