Best 10 Smart Locks for Google Home in 2024

Purchasing the best smart locks for Google Home in 2024 is a wise decision for any Google Assistant-equipped smart home. It does not only enhance home security, but it connects with the Google Home app, providing remote access to your door with internet connectivity.

As technology advances rapidly, the inevitable trend of replacing traditional locks with smart locks has emerged. In today’s modern homes, smart locks have become essential, offering both convenience and enhanced security.

The best smart locks for Google Home simplify the process of adding convenient control and improving security measures. This guide compiles a list of the 10 best outlined smart locks for Google Home for your consideration.

Best 10 Smart Locks for Google Home in 2024

If you are seeking the best home security for Google Home, selecting the best smart locks for Google Home in 2024 is very essential. In this article, we have compiled 10 selections spanning various budgets, designs, and functionalities to suit your preferences.

Although these smart locks excel with Google Assistant, it’s worth noting that the best options typically support multiple smart home ecosystems, including Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Apple HomeK.

Google Nest x Yale Smart Locks

If your residence is connected to the Google Nest system, the Nest x Yale appears to be the best smart lock for Google Home. You can operate this lock remotely via Google Assistant, and its compatibility with other Google Nest devices which offers automated functions.

Moreover, you can enable automatic unlocking via your phone, along with a backup numeric keypad. It allows you to generate passcodes for households, and schedule their access times, just similar to other smart locks.

Installation is straightforward, requiring no extensive door modifications. Additionally, you should abide by the provided instructions and download the Nest app. One drawback of the Nest x Yale smart lock is the absence of a Voice Unlock feature, which seems strange.

ADT Smart Locks

ADT brings half of its expertise to the home security sector, offering the best 24/7 professional monitoring, an intuitive app, and highly responsive customer service. Additionally, it collaborates with Google, ensuring not only compatibility with Google Home but also full support from Google’s advanced technology.

ADT customers conveniently purchase various Google Nest products through ADT and have them professionally installed in their homes. These products include the Nest Doorbell, Nest Cam, Nest Cam equipped with floodlight (wired), and more.

Utilizing ADT with Google Home is a straightforward process, easily manageable through the Google Home app making it one of the best smart locks for Google Home in 2024. Furthermore, you should find it quite intuitive while using the Google Home app.

August Smart Locks

For those seeking smart security solutions that are quite affordable, the August Smart Lock presents the best option. It grants you the convenience of controlling your door’s locking and unlocking via your mobile device, along with notifications if the door is left unlocked upon departure.

Additionally, this feature is beneficial for individuals who are not sure whether they have secured their front door. The installation is straightforward as it simply fits over your existing deadbolt on the interior side, leaving the exterior lock untouched.

Additionally, you can keep your current keys for manual locking and unlocking purposes. However, the device is bulky, which may not appeal to those preferring sleek and discreet smart home devices.

Kwikset Halo Wi-Fi Smart Locks

The Kwikset Halo Wi-Fi smart lock offers the best feature with the ability to accommodate 250 special accesses, making it particularly suited for rental properties. This functionality allows each tenant to possess their access code. Additionally, it connects with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Users can remotely lock and unlock doors with a Wi-Fi connection, grant guest access, review activity history, and more via the Kwikset app. Furthermore, it’s compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, with voice-controlled locking, smart home automation, and centralized device management. The Kwikset Halo Wi-Fi Smart Lock and Handle is backed by a lifetime mechanical and finish warranty, along with a 1-year electronics warranty.

Google Nest Hub Smart Locks

The latest Google Nest Hub smart emerges as the best command center for managing your Google smart home. With its great size, impressive speakers, and extensive feature set, it strikes a perfect balance, all at an affordable price. Additionally, it allows you to strategically position multiple units in essential rooms throughout your home.

Schlage Encode Plus

Schlage Encode Plus stands out as one of the best smart locks for Google Home with connected Wi-Fi if it fits your budget. Moreover, you can establish up to 100 unique access codes for granting access to friends and family while keeping track of the lock’s usage history.

Additionally, it offers customizable notifications and voice command compatibility with Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and Amazon Alexa. Setting it up is straightforward, as with most standard-sized doors, you will use a screwdriver.

Furthermore, it comes in several color options and styles to suit different preferences. However, the primary downside of the Schlage Encode Plus is its price, which starts at a minimum of $300.

Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt

The Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt is available in two various styles Camelot and Century, with optional door handles for integration. All that’s needed for intelligent control is a Wi-Fi adapter.

Additionally, it’s powered by batteries and notifies you when battery levels are low, ensuring uninterrupted security. It’s compatible with the Schlage Sense app on Android smartphones, iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch.

This smart deadbolt includes a backup electronic key for reassurance in case of forgotten passwords, canceling the need for forced entry or lock replacement. Moreover, it’s backed by a 3-year electronics warranty and a restricted lifetime mechanical.

Lockly Vision Elite

The Lockly Vision Elite offers a pack of features, offering you the flexibility of your home security to your preferences. Moreover, it comes with a fingerprint reader capable of storing up to 99 prints and a PIN pad that scrambles the number of locations, your code remains secure from prying.

Additionally, the app is user-friendly and offers convenient features such as access code scheduling and a battery life indicator. With the support of a built-in solar panel on the keyhole cover, the battery life is alleviated, ensuring continuous effectiveness. The vision aspect of the Lockly Vision Elite comes from its integrated video doorbell, adding an extra layer of security to your door.

Ultion Nuki Smart Locks

Ultion Nuki smart locks are one of the best choices for smart locks, offered by numerous households across the country. It’s compatible with most doors and has a wide array of accessories, such as key fobs, wireless fingerprint pads, and traditional physical keys, it caters to diverse preferences.

Its convenient automatic unlocking feature as you approach the door is particularly beneficial for individuals carrying heavy loads. Additionally, the installation is straightforward and typically takes around 20 minutes, making it accessible for DIY users.

The process involves unscrewing the inner handle and lock, replacing the lock cylinder, and installing the Nuki, ensuring a combination into your home security system.

Igloohome Smart Deadbolt 25

Igloohome Smart Deadbolt 2S offers security by not including a Wi-Fi module in its door lock system, limiting connectivity to Bluetooth only. However, users can still control the lock using Google Assistant on their smartphones.

Installation options include a DIY approach with a screwdriver or seeking professional assistance via the official website. This smart lock has innovative encryption technology, functioning without an internet connection.

Additionally, it ensures suitability for areas with weak or no Wi-Fi signals and reduces the risk of Wi-Fi hacking. Users can unlock the deadbolt using time-sensitive PINs or Bluetooth keys via the free Igloohome app from anywhere globally. The Igloohome app is available for download on iOS and Android devices, offering enhanced control and accessibility.

The best smart lock for Google Home provides convenient voice commands for remotely locking and unlocking doors. However, several models necessitate additional bridges or hubs for easy operation. When selecting the best smart locks for Google Home, it’s crucial to factor in its user-friendly features alongside its compatibility.