Backing up outlook contacts is very important to you if you are someone who deals mainly with contacts. Outlook contacts backup is also very important to the program because the program deals mainly with contacts. If those contacts are carefully backed up, the outlook programs contacts would be safe from unnecessary loss of contacts. Apart from backing up contacts. Outlook program also performs so many other functions when it comes to handling contacts and other things.

Backup Outlook Contacts - Export Outlook Contacts | Export contacts from Outlook

Functions like exporting contacts, importing contacts, grouping contacts, sending messages using contacts and so many more other functions that you will discover when you start using the outlook program regularly. The function of the outlook program has contributed greatly to the program’s success, making it the best among all other programs that perform similar functions. The outlook program requires backup for its contacts to; avoid unnecessary loss of contacts, in other words, to be able to retrieve your contacts if accidentally deleted or lost.

Backing up outlook’s contacts have helped people using the outlook program in so many ways, and it can also help you if you try doing it. To learn how to backup outlook contacts is very easy because of the way the owners of the program set up the backup function. To back up outlook’s contacts is as easy as exporting outlook contacts because the process of exporting contacts is almost the same to that of backing up contacts.

How to Backup Outlook Contacts

Like I stated in the previous paragraph, to learn how to backup outlook contacts is very easy because of the way the owners of the outlook program, programmed the program to function. To learn the backup process, you will have to follow the steps I will be stating for you. Steps on how to backup outlook contacts are as follows:

  • To backup your outlook contacts first you need to open the outlook program in your computer
  • Click the file icon located at the top left part of the screen
  • Click the open and export icon
  • Tap the export to a file icon, and click the next icon located below
  • Click the Outlook data file (.pst) under the export to a file folder and then click next
  • Click the contact icon and then click next
  •  Choose a location or where you want to save the backed up contacts in your computer, give it a name and then click finish.

If you want to be the only one to access the backed up contacts you can password it using the encryption and password settings and then click ok. And that is how to backup outlook contacts.