Arqus Talent Scholarship – APPLY NOW

Arqus Talent Scholarship is a scholarship molded for those with talent at the postgraduate level across the world. This is a scholarship opportunity for postgraduate students who would like to pursue a master’s degree program at one of the Arqus partner universities like Granada, Graz, Leipzing, Lyon 1, Maynooth, and Minho. Or Padua, Vilnius, Wroclaw, and the Arqus second partner compulsory mobility university. 

Arqus Talent Scholarship - APPLY NOW

Special consideration will be given to students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Such as those who come from poor families, have disabilities, or face other challenges that may limit their education opportunities. And those who didn’t obtain their bachelor’s degree or master’s degree at Arqus University, at which the students will pursue a master’s or doctorate. These students will be supported by the Arqus European University Alliance under this scholarship scheme by getting a special needs fund of 250€ monthly.

Benefits of the Arqus Talent Scholarship 

Meanwhile, the Arqus Talent Scholarship offers a variety of scholarships to its recipients, some of which are:

  • A subsistence allowance of 1,400.00€ to cover the living costs of students’ medical insurance and material allowance.
  • Arqus University covers the tuition fees at the student’s university for the duration of the scholarship.
  • Arqus European University Alliance has a scholarship scheme that provides a special needs fund of 250€ monthly to students who are refugees, asylum seekers, or students with children or disabled families they’re caring for.

Note that your child must be 0–18 years old (the certificate of your child and that of your parents or family members will be requested to show you are the caregiver or the parent), students with disabilities and learning (if you have a disability pass), and students with chronic diseases (a medical confirmation will be required).

The benefit will be available throughout the student’s studies with a maximum duration, but will not extend beyond the end of the funding period of the scholarship scheme, which will be September 30, 2026.

Eligibility Requirements

Students who wish to apply for the Arqus Talent Scholarship must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Firstly, the candidate must have completed a bachelor’s program.
  • The candidate must have been selected or have applied for a master’s or doctorate at any of the Arqus universities.
  • The applicant must have a minimum overall or average grade of B according to the ECTS grading system.
  • Also, Arqus European University Alliance under this scholarship scheme by getting a special needs fund of 250€ monthly
  • The applicant must have an idea of how mobility at Arqus University can be integrated into their study program and elaborate on it in their motivation statement.
  • The applicant must have a clear idea of how to actively participate in Arqus activities. Also, act as an ambassador for Arqus University.

Applicants must adhere to these eligibility requirements to be considered qualified for the Arqus Talent Scholarship. Kindly note that if you are a beneficiary of another scholarship for a master’s or doctorate program. You are not eligible to apply, except for first-year doctorate students who are enrolled at Vinus University and Wroclaw University.

Selection Process

Applications are reviewed by a selection committee, and they evaluate students based on various criteria, such as academic performance, academic background, motivation, recommendation letter, and experience gained during their previous years of study.

When choosing candidates, they also give special consideration to those with fewer opportunities, refugees, asylum seekers, and applicants who earned their bachelor’s degree outside of Arqus University. Please note that if you are chosen, you might be asked to participate in interviews as part of the selection process.

Application Process

To learn more about the Arqus Talent Scholarship Fund, please visit the official Arqus Alliance website. Additionally, you can access the application portal directly at Joint for submission and further details.

Submit necessary documents such as confirmation of university admission, a motivation statement, diploma or degree certificates, a recommendation letter, a CV, a passport copy, and a language certificate.

Document Required

Outlined below are the application documents required to apply for the Arqus Talent Scholarship:

  • Firstly, the Motivation statement
  • PhD research proposal (doctoral students only)
  • Proof of application submission to the entrance university is required to proceed with the scholarship selection process.
  • BA/MA diploma/degree certificate
  • Also, the transcript of records/diploma supplement
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Also, curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Passport
  • Language Certificate (merit)
  • Lastly, confirmation of application or admission to an Arqus university

To ensure a smooth application process, I recommend that you upload legible and high-quality images of the required documents along with your application. This will help them review your materials more efficiently and make the process easier for everyone involved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for the Arqus Talent Scholarships?

Arqus Talent Scholarships are available to students who plan to enroll in a master’s degree program at one of the Arqus Alliance universities. Applicants should meet the entrance university’s admission requirements and demonstrate academic excellence.

How much financial support does the Arqus Talent Scholarship provide?

The scholarship amount varies depending on the student’s circumstances and their chosen program. Successful applicants can receive up to €15,000 to cover tuition fees, living expenses, and other related costs during their master’s studies.

Can I apply for an Arqus Talent Scholarship if I am already enrolled in a master’s program?

No, the Arqus Talent Scholarship is intended for students who are about to start a master’s degree program at one of the Arqus Alliance universities. Current master’s students are not eligible to apply.

How are Arqus Talent Scholarship recipients selected?

Scholarship recipients are chosen based on their academic merit, motivation, and potential. The selection process includes a thorough evaluation of their academic records, recommendation letters, and other application materials. In some cases, interviews may be conducted to assess candidates’ suitability.

Is there a specific application deadline for the Arqus Talent Scholarships?

Yes, there is an annual application deadline for the Arqus Talent Scholarships. Interested applicants should check the Arqus Alliance website or the joint application portal for the specific deadline, as it may vary from year to year.