Apps for Renting a Car – 6 Best Car Renting App

What are the best apps for Renting a Car? In recent times, renting a car has become normal for people in major cities. This is because it makes keeping a car a very easy task for all users. Renting a car, there is no need to pay heavy costs to buy a car or spend thousands of dollars on maintenance. However, there are lots of reports on how renting a car is a really big pain.

Apps for Renting a Car - 6 Best Car Renting App
Apps for Renting a Car – 6 Best Car Renting Apps

Are you also on this table? if you are, then have you heard about Apps for renting a car? Apps for renting a car make it very easy to find the best car rental deal and reserve a car. The apps are dedicated to renting a car. All you just need to do is make a few clicks on the apps and you can rent a car in an instant.

Furthermore, some Apps for renting cars are solely made for renting cars while some allow you to reserve hotel rooms and book flights. However, when choosing apps for renting a car, it is good to go for the best.

This is because, with the best apps, you can rent cars without spending a lot of money and stress. Although some apps only work for android phones, in this article are the best Apps for renting a car that works on both Android and IOS devices.

6 Best Apps for Renting a Car

Without much ado, below are the best Apps for renting a car, that work for both Android and IOS devices.


Turo app is an app solely dedicated to renting a car. It has a very unique take on car rentals. Whether you need a short-term or long-term ride, there are lots of cars to choose from in Turo.

With over 12 million people offering their cars for rent, you have no problems finding a car with Turo. The most amazing part is that you can also share your own car for others to rent when you need to earn money.


When we think about renting a car, I think Enterprise is among the most common brands that will come to mind. It is a very popular brand and it has maintained its reputation for many years. Also, its rental app is one of the best.

The enterprise app is just as simple as reserving a car individually. you can easily and quickly view a map of your surrounding and see which enterprise location is closer to you. once you have seen and chosen a location, you can now make use of the filters to find the best ride.

Lyft Car Rental

Lyft car rental is a very big brand that takes you safely to where you need to go. They created an express drive app that helps people rent a car. However, this program is only available in the United States. To rent a car with Lyft express drive, all you just need to do is download the app and follow the prompts


Hertz is known to be one of the biggest names and brands in the car rental industry. There are over 10 thousand Hertz locations across the U.S and other countries. It makes it easy to find a car whenever you need one.

With the Hertz app for renting a car, you can easily set up a new rental and manage the ones you have at hand. If you are a reward member, you can redeem your points with the app.


Getaround is also a very popular car on-demand service. It offers thousands of users on daily basis around the world the best car rental service. The app allows users to rent cars, and pick up or drop the car at any of their centers.

Also, the app enables car owners to earn over 1000 dollars. As a big brand, it offers cars from makes like Tesla and Toyota. If you want to run errands, commute on weekends, or even go on trips, Getaround is the best app you can choose for renting a car


Kayak is one of the best apps for renting a car. Not only a car, but it also offers amazing deals on flights and hotel rentals. The app is a very great way to go on a trip because it covers all the aspects of the trip. From booking a flight, hotel, and car, Kayak helps with every little step.

To enjoy easy car renting, just choose any of the above, download, and sign up. Once you do that you will have access to the app for a renting car and any of its features.

If the above does not have the right features for you, you can choose apps like; Zipcar, Skyscanner, SIXT, RelayRide, or Silvercar. The Apps are available for both Android and IOS devices.

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