Apple Watch 5 – Buy iWatch Series 5 Online

Apple Watch 5 was released during the September period in the year 2019. And it is a 47.8g, 10.7mm thickness watchOS 6.0 up to 8.3. 32GB and no card slot.

The Apple industry is known for its amazing collections ranging from laptops, phones, and even their watches. And this time around, we will be talking about their Apple watches.

Apple Watch 5 - Buy iWatch Series 5 Online

You could do a lot of things on your Apple Watch Series 5 like placing calls and even receiving calls, you can also FaceTime and even send audio clips. Furthermore, Apple Series 5 can stay underwater for approximately 30 minutes and it also has water resistance.

Besides, you can compose your messages, send emojis, and images you can switch on your Bluetooth, and even use your Apple Watch without your iPhone close nearby. Below are some amazing kinds of stuff that the Apple Series 5 can do.

Is The Apple Watch Series 5 Worth it?

There is no doubt that Apple products are one of the best and leading technologies in the world today. So, if you are skeptical about getting an Apple Series 5, then getting a Series 5 is worth it.

The Apple Watch 5 is designed with an incredible screen, excellent app support, and the strongest set of sensors and characteristics you can find anywhere.

Can I Answer Calls on My Apple Watch 5?

You can answer calls on your Apple Series 5. All you need to do is click on the answer button to talk using the built-in microphone and speaker or a Bluetooth device joined with your Apple watch.

When you tap answer on your iPhone, the call is placed on hold and the caller hears a repeating sound until you use your paired iPhone to answer the call.

Is The Watch Series 5 Waterproof?

The Apple Watch Series 5 is water-resistant. You can wear the Apple Watch Series 5 whenever you want to wash your hands and even in the rain. Exposure to sweat is fine by the water-resistance of the Apple Watch Series 5.

Does Your Apple Watch Work Without An iPhone?

You can use your Watch Series 5 without your iPhone even close to where you are. You just need to switch on your cellular and activate your cellular plan.

Stay connected even when your iPhone is not nearby. For the other series of the Apple Watch, there are other things needed to do when you are not with your iPhone and you are not connected to Wi-Fi.

Can You FaceTime on Apple Watch Series 5?

Due to the existing built-in camera, you cannot Facetime video calls on your Apple watch. But you can Facetime on your Apple watch and even send audio clips. You can just place your call through the Apple Watch Facetime call using Siri or your Apple Watch phone app.

How Long Can My Series 5 Stay Underwater?

This Apple product is known for its water resistance. And is known to be used even during sporting activities like swimming in the pool or the ocean. The Apple firm revealed that the Apple Series 5 water-resistant has a rating of IPX7. This means that Apple Series 5 can stay at a depth of up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes.