Apple Watch 4 – Designed With Communication, Fitness, And Health Capabilities

Wow! Apple Watch Series 4 is finally here. I know a lot of you were anticipating the release. But it is finally here and available for purchase. For Apple Watch lovers the design of this watch is a total upgrade. In fact, the screen offers far more visibility and its battery life is better than its counterpart. And I am excited about the features. Permit me to say that the Apple Watch s4 is almost close to perfection.

Apple Watch 4 - Designed With Communication, Fitness, And Health Capabilities

Apple Watch Series 4 has a thickness of 44mm and it also has a larger display. It has a lightweight design and a louder speaker just in case you want to receive calls. Although it is a tad bit expensive it is definitely worth it. And also, the battery life needs to be more than two days maximum. The amazing thing about this watch is that it comes with an ECG sensor that tracks the user’s heart rate. This is why it is the most popular watch.

Apple Watch 4 Availability

Apple Watch Series 4 watches are currently available as we speak. Remember that it is also available in four variants: 40mm and 44mm sizes with or without LTE. You can purchase it from any country around the world. Please note that Apple no longer sells the Apple Watch 4 through its online storefront. You can pick them up elsewhere online or visit an Apple store close to you.

Is Apple Watch 4 Worth Buying?

Of course, iWatch 4 is the best smartwatch you can ever purchase with its amazing health sensors and attractive screen. It has the faster processing power and a useful raise to speak to Siri. Isn’t this amazing? Even though it is quite expensive but it is worth buying because it has some amazing features which you cannot find anywhere. If you don’t have this smartwatch you are certainly missing out.

Features of Apple Watch 4

Apple Watch Series 4 40mm has lots of amazing features, and its features are what makes it different from its counterpart. Let’s take a look at those features.

  • It is water resistant.
  • It has an improved accelerator up to 32g-forces
  • A microphone is installed on it.
  • It has an ambient light sensor.
  • Optical heart sensor is also available.
  • It has a capacity of 16GB.
  • Apple Watch 4 has a ceramic and sapphire crystal back.
  • You can find gymkit, electrical heart sensor and Apple Pay on the smart watch.

Finally, it has an improved gyroscope, a barometric altimeter, GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and QZSS. It also has a display of 44mm and 40mm respectively.