Apple Wallet – How to Use Apple Wallet on iPhone And Apple Watch

What is Apple Wallet? Apple Wallet is also known as Wallet on Apple devices. It is an app made and developed by Apple Inc. It is available on Apple Watch and iPhone and it secures and organizes debits and credit cards, tickets, boarding passes, identity cards, keys, and many more, all in one place. Apple Wallet prevents users from the risks and stress of taking out credit cards and boarding passes. With the help of the Apple Wallet, you can store and use reward cards like coupons, movie tickets, and loyalty cards via Apple Pay.

Apple Wallet - How to Use Apple Wallet on iPhone And Apple Watch

It is a very safe app and your cards are securely joined with your Apple ID to help manage cards and add your card across devices. However, Apple Wallet is pre-installed on your iPhones and Apple watches so you do not need to download it. The most interesting part of the Apple Wallet is that you can also add your car key to the wallet app.

So you can use your Apple Watch or iPhone to unlock, lock, and also start your car. However, the car must be compatible with the Apple Wallet. You can also make use of your Apple pay-in wallet on your iPhone. With the card stored on your wallet app, you can make use of Apple Pay to make payments on websites, transit, and apps. To know more about this wallet app, all you need to do is follow this article to the very end.

How To Use Apple Wallet?

It is very easy to make use of cards and passes on the Wallet app. Not only can you add passes and tickets, but you can also share tickets and passes. Below is the process on how to add boarding passes, tickets, and other passes to Apple Wallet on your Apple phone.

How to Add a Ticket And Boarding Pass to Apple Wallet on iPhone;

  • Open the app, notification, email and other communication that contains your tickets or other pass
  • Click on Add to Apple Wallet
  • Follow the guidelines on your screen
  • If needed, click on ‘’Add at the upper right corner.

Note; if you do not see any option to add tickets, boarding passes to the wallet app, you can contact the company that issued the pass to make sure they give passes that support wallet apple. After adding the boarding pass, tickets, or other passes, the below is how you can use it on your apple watch and iPhone

How to Use a Ticket And Boarding pass in Apple Wallet on iPhone

  • To open the tickets or boarding pass;
  • If your Apple phone has a face ID, click on the side button twice. Enter with your pass code or authenticate with face ID
  • If your Apple phones have a Touch ID, reset your finger on the Touch ID sensor.
  • Click on default payment card to see your other cards
  • Click on your ticket, boarding pass, or other pass and authenticate
  • Tap or scan your device at the contactless reader or show it to your attendant.
How to Use Tickets And Boarding Pass on Apple Watch
  • Click the side button twice
  • Go down to locate the ticket, boarding pass or other pass that you want to make use of and click on it.
  • Hold the Apple watch closer to the contactless reader

To find more information about how to use your Apple wallet, just open your browser and search for, you will get all the solutions you need. And also you need to know that Apple pay is different from apple wallet. Apple wallet is a very safe place where you can store or save your debit or credit cards so as to use them with Apple pay.