Apple TV Plus – Watch Apple Originals Online | Apple TV+

Apple TV plus is an American streaming platform that allows you to watch TV from anywhere you are from any device online. It was released on the 1st of November 2019. You are allowed to watch television series online, and many more.  However, just like every other TV platform, the Apple TV also requires a subscription to be able to access it. With this apple TV+, you can catch up with all your favorite programs on it. Apple Company has made a TV platform for all its users. Yes, Apple also created the iPhone but they are also the producers of the Apple TV plus. Apple TV+ is available in 100 different countries in the world.

Apple TV Plus - Watch Apple Originals Online | Apple TV+

Furthermore, this platform can be accessed through the app or website. You can watch it from anywhere you are in the world. Immediately you subscribe, you can access this TV at any time you want. It is now one of the best streaming platforms known by a lot of people in the world at large. The best part of it is that it connects you to other streamers on the platform i.e. it allows you to communicate with other people on the platform. Nevertheless, you can watch a movie with a friend or any other person in two different locations on the Apple TV plus. Apple TV plus is very affordable to subscribe to, as you read on I will be telling you all about its subscription.

How to Access Apple TV Plus

It is very easy to access the Apple TV plus. Apple TV plus is accessible through the website at or through the mobile app. it is easy to download the app, you do not need a long process. Here are the steps to downloading the app;

  • Visit the App Store.
  • Click on the search icon at the top of the page.
  • Enter “Apple TV plus” and click on search.
  • Identify the app.
  • Now click on Get.

After this step, you can now open the app and subscribe to use it. It doesn’t really matter where you are you can access the apple plus TV. As said earlier, if you don’t want to use the website you can use the app. remember your internet connection must be stable, if not you will face difficulties when accessing it.

Apple TV Cost

On the contrary, it is very easy to subscribe to this platform. You will not encounter any stress while doing this. It is also very affordable to subscribe. However, there are no limits to the number of months you can subscribe to the Apple TV. Once you subscribe, you do not need to worry about subscribing again till when your subscription expires.

Furthermore, to subscribe, all you need to do is go to the webpage or app page, sign in or sign up, now select the program you want to watch, and click on subscribe. Choose the months and amount you want to subscribe to and start watching your videos. Finally, subscription-only costs $4.99 per month the multiple of months you want to subscribe is the multiple of the amount.