Apple TV 4k 2022 – Watch and Enjoy With a Better Video Quality

It is no new news that a few days after this blog post was made, apple will launch the new apple TV 4k 2022, an upgraded version of the Apple TV 4k 2021. After the news about the official release of apple tv 4k 2022, it has been said that the product will sell for $129 at retail prices for the base with 64Gb model and $149 for the one with 128Gb model. If you are just hearing about this for the very first time, don’t get it twisted, it is very much different from Apple TV+ which is the company’s main streaming service.

However, in this blog post, we have given out vital information that you just know about the Apple TV 4k 2022. Perhaps you are not aware, Apple TV is a product of apple used as an Apple mainstreamer. As earlier stated, the new product is a successor to it. we have done a review and researched what you should be expecting from the product when it is officially released.

By the way, you can start the pre-order process as the portal has been opened you can click on the link that has been attached to the released date section of this post to get yours now! This is just a snippet of all you will be getting from this blog post about it, ensure you stick to this post, there is still more to grab! Moving forward, let’s look at what the product will cost you.

Apple Tv 4k 2022 Cost Price

Amazingly, in comparison to the apple 4k 2021 version, the price of the latest apple tv 4k 2022 was slashed. Upon the affordability, apple did well by upgrading the device’s hardware. In addition, the storage capacity was also increased to 32Gb and 64Gb respectively.

Although it has been aired earlier that a cheaper and more affordable TV is coming from Apple, I guess it wasn’t expected to be this soon. However, it does make a provision for a stark contrast to the iPhone 14 range and the new iPad 2022 and iPad Pro 2022 inclusive. These have seen prices increase across the board.

Apple TV  4K 2022 Release Date

According to apple press news, the new apple tv 4k 2022 announcement came on the 18th of October, although there was no real fanfare. The streamer is set to be on a ship from the 4th of November. Perhaps you want to make a pre-order for the product you can click on to order now!


Although the new release is seemingly almost the same design as the previous product, the apple company, however, did a good job by making some tweaks to the device’s design. Apple also has been able to do away with the internal fan. It was found in the current product. The new apple Tv 4k is a bit shorter and also has an efficient processor attached to it.

Additionally, the Siri remote for it remains typically identical to the apple tv 4k 2021 package. However, there is a slight difference. This is to the fact that the new apple tv 4k 2022 has a USB-C port for recharge.


Going further, the Apple Tv 4k 2022 has been designed with an A15 bionic chip. This is used to power an iPhone 14. It is not considered a small upgrade. This is because the apple tv 2021 was powered by apple’s A12 bionic chip. It is now a few generations aged.

According to a statement made by apple, we can anticipate “higher responsiveness, faster navigations, and snappier UI animations” in all. Gamers should note that they will also be enjoying a %30 increase in performance. The new with new apple TV’s GPU.

Additionally, the new apple TV 4k is also designed to consume less than %30 power. This can be said to be the reason why apple had to do away with the internal fan. Perhaps you have always been bothered by the noise while the fan spins. But it is great to know that you won’t be bothered anymore as this has been fixed.

How To Order for Apple TV 4k 2022

As early mentioned in this blog post, you can make an order for Apple’s new release. Click on the given link above or better still, visit to get yours ordered!