AOL Search – Discover The Latest Breaking News in Politics, Entertainment, Sports, Weather, and More

Do you know that AOL has a search engine where you can search and gain access to useful results from the web with images, videos, maps, and much more? With the AOL search engine, you can get solutions to your AOL mail, login, desktop gold, AOL app, passwords answers you are looking for. When you want to search for solutions on the AOL search you do not need stress at all. All you have to do is to go to the search button and type in the word you want answers to and then click on the search icon of the search box.

AOL Search - Discover The Latest Breaking News in Politics, Entertainment, Sports, Weather, and More

AOL search engine was purchased in 1995. And the AOL company itself was established in 1983 that is estimated to be 38 years now. It is based in New York with the aim of providing a web portal and online services. The AOL Company later released a very huge amount of user search requests to the public in 2006; they also own a very offered long search and other crawling web technologies. A woman named Thelma Arnold was known for her search queries information that has been very helpful to the people.

What is AOL Search Engine?

The AOL search engine is very good. It gives you feedback on your search across the web, images, multimedia, news, shopping, and other search results. Mind you, AOL display searches from across the web by default. However, most of the web results are from Google but searches from other sources might also appear.

How Do I Search on AOL?

One good thing about the AOL search engine is that it is free to use. Just like Google, you don’t have to log in to an account to search on AOL. Search across entertainment, finance, lifestyle, sports, games, and more. To search on AOL;

  • Visit on your web browser.
  • On that page, you will see a search field boldly displayed at the center of your screen.
  • Enter your search term on the search field.
  • Haivng done that, click on the search icon to get your search results.

You can filter AOL search results by web results, images, video, more, and anytime. Above all, you can turn on ”Safe Search” a feature that is also available on Google.

Features of AOL Search Engine

The features of the AOL search are the things you enjoy or things that are put in place so as to have a good experience when using the AOL search.  If you are able to understand the features of the AOL search you will definitely gat the most out of your search experience. The following are the features of the AOL search.

  • Sponsored links
  • More offers
  • Organic links
  • AOL featured results
  • Search suggestions
  • Related searches
  • Search history
  • Advanced search
  • Authenticated browsing

When you know how to conduct an effective local search, it can help you more easily to find resources in your own community.