American Express Refer a Friend – How it works and How to Refer a Friend

What is American Express Refer a Friend, and how does it work? This article will explain what the American Express Refer a Friend Program is all about. Meanwhile, American Express Cards are one of the most popular cards offering a wide range of benefits. Cardholders can earn rewards and points redeemed for purchases, gift cards, travel, and statement credits.

American Express Refer a Friend - How it works and How to Refer a Friend

In addition, you can transfer your reward and points to partner airline and hotel loyalty programs, providing you with various ways to save while using your credit card. American Express Refer a Friend Program is one of the best ways to earn rewards and points as a member.

You can earn up to a $550 bonus each time a friend applies and is approved for a credit card through your unique link. Check out the outline below for more details and information.

What is American Express Refer a Friend?

The American Express Refer A Friend is an initiative that helps American Express card members to tell loved ones and friends who might be considering getting a card of their own about their great card-use experience.

You will be provided with a unique link to share with your Friends, Family, and acquaintances. When someone is approved for an American Express card using your link, you can earn a special bonus. Plus, your friend or family member can also earn rewards when they make eligible purchases in the first six months of using their cards.

How does American Express Refer a Friend Program Work?

As mentioned above, this program makes it easy for American Express cardholders to earn amazing and exclusive rewards. When you share your link with a friend or family member, you can potentially earn extra membership rewards if they use a referral link to apply for the card.

You will be given a personalized link to be shared with your friends via email, or through your social media platforms. If one of your friends or family members is approved for a card through your customized link. And upon approval, and they accept and receive a new card, you will get 7,500 membership rewards points.

After they spend $2,000 on shopping in the first six months, they will instantly get 10,000 membership rewards points. However, it is possible that those you refer can get access to a higher welcome bonus compared to what they might receive through public offers.

Note that, there are no restrictions to the credit card they can apply for while using your link. They can either apply for a personal or business American Express card.

Who is Eligible to Refer a Friend?

You can qualify for the American Express Refer a Friend program if you have a primary membership with American Express Card. However, additional card members included in an account can make referrals; the points are credited to the main cardholder’s account.

And this count toward their 55,000 points annual maximum. Also, your account must be active and in good standing before you can qualify and also receive the Refer a Friend reward.

Who can I refer for the American Express Rewards Points?

The good news is you can refer anyone to the American Express Refer a Friend Program. You can either refer your friends, family members, or acquaintances. In addition, you can share your links with your friends via your email or social media platforms including Twitter, etc. It is, however, important you inform your friends and family that they might receive rewards if they’re approved.

How do I Refer a Friend?

Meanwhile, referring your friends and family using your American Express Referral Link is quite easy. By simply sharing your referral link with them with an email or social media invitation you can earn rewards. But firstly, there are steps and guidelines that need to be followed. Check out the steps and guidelines below;

  • Visit the official website of the American Express Refer A Friend portal online.
  • Or click on this link to be directed to the page.
  • On the portal, Login to your account using your User ID and Password.
  • Or enter your card information including your 15-digit card number, 4-digit card ID, and the last 4 digits of your SSN.
  • Then, click on continue.
  • Once logged in, select the card you will like to refer to if you have more than one American Express Card from the top right corner of your screen.
  • Hit the Refer now button on the home screen.
  • You can copy and paste the ink and then send it to your friend’s email address or to your social media platforms.

Aside from referring your friends using the above steps, you can enter your friend’s name and valid email address on the referral form above your personal link. Then, click the Send Email button, and your referral link will be sent to your friend.

If your friend follows the link, they will be provided with a list of eligible cards they can apply for. They can select any of the cards, but they must get to the page via your link when they apply. Otherwise, you won’t get the referral bonus.

Frequently Asked Questions?

In this section of the article, we will be discussing some of the questions and answers to the American Express credit card. Check out the questions and answers below this article.

What American Express Credit Card has a Refer a Friend Bonus?

Sadly, not all Amex credit cards offer a Referral bonus. However, some of the recent credit cards that offer a referral bonus are;

Amex Platinum Card

You can earn up to 15,000 membership points when you refer a friend using your Amex Platinum credit card. Also, you can get 55, 000 points per calendar year.

Amex EveryDay Card

Another card that offers a referral bonus is the Amex EveryDay Card. With this credit card, you can get 10,000 membership points each time a friend is approved for this card using your link. Also, you can obtain 55,000 points per calendar year.

Hilton Honors Card

You can also get a referral through your Hilton Honors Card. This card offers 20,000 Hilton Honors Points each time a friend is approved using your referral link. In addition, you can get 80,000 points each calendar year.

Marriott Bonvoy Business Card

Lastly, the Marriott Bonvoy Business Card offers 20,000 Marriott Bonvoy points for each friend that is approved using your referral link. Additionally, you can earn 55,000 points per calendar year.

How long does it take to get my American Express Refer a Friend Point?

You won’t get your referral points immediately. It will take about 8 to 12 weeks before your point will be credited to your account. In conclusion, don’t expect your American Express credit card to refer to a point instantly.

Why didn’t I get my American Express Refer a Friend Bonus?

You may not get the American Express Refer a Friend reward in some cases. This could be for a number of reasons, including:

  • Your friend did not apply for the card through your referral link.
  • Or your recommendation recipient’s credit application was denied.
  • You’ve hit your annual referral limit.
  • Also, you’ve fallen behind on your payments.

Lastly, you should also follow it up if you sent the referral to the recipient by email. The email could have ended up in the spam or promotional folder. In this case, you might be better off sending them your own link.

Can I Refer a Friend using the Amex Mobile App?

Yes, just the website you can refer a friend for the American Express Refer a Friend Program using your mobile device. Firstly, you must have downloaded the app on your android or iOS device.

After downloading the app, proceed to sign in to your card account. Then, create a link to share with your friend using the app. Lastly, share your link with your friends and family members.