How can I connect Amazon Prime Video to Chromecast? There are lots of devices supported by Amazon where you can stream your favorite Prime movies and tv series. The list of devices supported by Amazon prime video includes Smart TVs, Mobile Devices, Games Consoles, Blu-Ray Players, Set-Top Boxes, and also computers. These are the list of devices in which you can cast the videos on and Chromecast is one of the devices where you can cast Prime Video. In this article, I will give you instructions on how to can set up the Chromecast with your Prime Video account.

Amazon Prime Video Chromecast - How to Cast Amazon Prime | Prime Video Chromecast

Furthermore, Amazon Prime Video is currently one of the biggest and top streaming services in the world. Where you can watch thousands of Prime movies and tv series that includes original prime videos. For a long time, casting videos on Google Chromecast wasn’t compatible. But right now, the Amazon Prime Video is fully compatible with Chromecasts. But when it comes to casting movies or tv series on Google Chromecast. You need to use the latest version of the Prime Video app on your iOS devices or Android.

The Requirement to Watch Amazon Videos on Chromecast

Without following the guided requirement to watch movies or tv series on Chromecast, you might have some issue doing the process of casting movies or tv series on Chromecast. However, you don’t need to provide much, all you need to watch the prime video on Chromecast include the following:

  • An updated version of the Amazon Prime Video app on your iOS or Android.
  • You also need an internet connection to set up your device.
  • You must be a prime member to access your account to the device.
  • Above all, you need the Chromecast devices to start the setup.

With the following requirement, getting started with the platform will be much simple and easy to go through the process where you need to set up the application. However, you can use the following tip below to get started in watching movies and tv series on Chromecast.

How to Watch Amazon Prime Video on Chromecast Device

On the contrary, whether you want to use the Google Chromecast or the Amazon Chromecast, you can use the following steps. Keep in mind, in case you’re using the Google Chromecast, you need to ensure that, the Prime Video app on Android or iOS devices runs un the recent version.

  1. Open your Prime Video app on Android or iOS.
  2. Next, click Cast icon on the app.
  3. From the provided option, select the Chromecast device.
  4. Afterward, select the title of movies or tv series you wish to watch.
  5. Keep in mind, the title of the movies or tv series you want to watch is displayed on the TV that your Chromecast is connected with.

Another thing you must not miss out is that the iOS or Android device must have the same connection of the Wi-Fi network on the Chromecast. As well as you must ensure that your working Chromecast works on an up-to-date version.