Amazon Go – How do the Amazon Go Stores Work | Amazon Go Store Near Me

Are you ever tired of waiting for long ques when you go shopping? I am too. Amazon has come with a brilliant solution to this recurring problem. Amazon Go is the shopping store where you buy groceries and you do have to check out. You pick up what you want and leave the store. It’s can be said to be the most advanced shopping tech in the world right now. It solves the problem of waiting in line endlessly. So, if you are in a haste to get somewhere, it has you covered.

Amazon Go - How do the Amazon Go Stores Work | Amazon Go Store Near Me

All you have to do is visit any Amazon Go store and walking using the main app. It is as easy as I just said. Go pick up your item and hurry back home. One of the best things about the platform is that it saves time and energy.

Amazon Go – Getting Started

Getting started with the online store is quite easy. Unlike most new technology which is hard to use at the beginning, this is easy. All you need is an account. If you don’t have an amazon account, visit and create your account. You also need a smartphone which will support the technology. Lastly, you need the app. With all these, you have the necessary tools to begin using it.

Amazon Go – How It Works

This new technology works on the same principle as your self-driving cars. When you get to the store use the app to enter. Now all you have to do is pick the item you came for. The technology always detects when and you pick up any item in the store. It also detects when you put back the item on the shelf.

Now when you have selected the item you want, the technology continually tracks the item. It does this through what Amazon calls a virtual cart. Once you’re satisfied with the items you have selected. Just leave the store and also you don’t have to queue up or swipe your credit card anywhere. The cost of the item take will be deducted from your amazon account. A receipt will be sent to you as the evidence of payment.

Amazon Go – Location

Now amazon go is located at one address at the moment. This is because it’s trying to perfect the new technology. This is to reduce issues which may arise and make things easier for customers without problems. It is located at 2131 7th Avenue, Seattle, Washington. Just on the corner of 7th Avenue and Blanchard Street.

Amazon Go – Items You Can Find

It offers you groceries from freshly baked pastries to ready-to-eat meals. These meals are basic breakfast, lunch, and dinner which you’d ordinarily eat. There are also snacks for you to satisfy yourself with. These snacks are prepared by amazon chef you are at the location of the store at all times.

Also, Amazon stores offer you delicious staples from popular brands. You also have specially designed meals on the store. These would include ingredients you need to make a particular meal. The Platform always tries to make shopping easy for its customers.