Amazon Echo Hub

Amazon Echo Hub is an Alexia-powered smart home control panel that simplifies the management of smart home devices like security cameras, lights, locks, and thermostats. Additionally, it features an 8-inch touch-enabled display with a modified dashboard for easy organization and control of compatible devices.

Amazon Echo Hub

Moreover, you can group and manage devices, activate a Ring security system, initiate Routines, and access live camera feeds directly from the dashboard. Typically, it can be placed on a counter using a stand accessory, with a built-in smart home hub supporting Zigbee, Sidewalk, Thread, Bluetooth, and Matter protocols.

It makes it connects a wide range of connected devices, removing the need for a separate smart home bridge. Furthermore, Echo Hub can connect to the internet wirelessly or via Ethernet using a compatible Power-over-Ethernet (POE) adapter.

Price and Availability

The Amazon Echo Hub is an advanced device for families with many smart devices, offering control in one place. Additionally, its intuitive touch interface makes it easy to manage multiple devices and it’s faster, unlike voice control, though voice remains accessible.

Moreover, there are some minor inconsistencies in the device control presentation, but it stands out as the best choice for smart home control. Furthermore, it comes with a price rate of 179.99 / £169.99 / AU$329.00 and is exclusively available on Amazon’s platform.


Echo Hub has a sleek design to link to its surroundings, measuring about 15mm in thickness. Additionally, it comes with a wall mount exclusively, while an optional tilt stand is available for purchase at £29.99. Moreover, it includes a 1.8m power cable, which its length could easily reach a close power socket powered by USB-C.

If there’s additional cable, it can be managed using the cavity and clips located at the rear of the device. Furthermore, it can’t be used for video calls or home surveillance, because it lacks a camera but it can control the interface. In addition, it has three microphones positioned on the front for voice activation, with two speakers on the top.

Choosing the standard installation method displays the issue of visible cables, but there are other solutions available. Initially, utilize an in-wall pass-through to conceal the cable within a wall. Secondly, a power-over-Ethernet (PoE) adapter offers another option for cable management.

However, this model lacks a camera, which aligns with its intended purpose, for smart home control over other features. Additionally, the relocation of the volume and microphone mute buttons to the side enhances accessibility, ensuring ease of use.


Echo Hub, as an Alexa-powered smart speaker offers a wide array of features similar to other smart speakers. It provides weather forecasts, local business information, and updates on upcoming appointments. Moreover, you can utilize Alexa to control all your smart devices through voice commands.

Additionally, Echo Hub is fully compliant with Matter standards, helping direct management of Wi-Fi and Thread devices, with Zigbee and Bluetooth devices. Furthermore, Widgets are displayed on the home page, while choosing a group from the panel on the left reveals tiles for device control.

Echo Hub includes a group lighting control that has a brightness slider and a dedicated on/off button, for changing lights to the best level. While there isn’t a touch control for choosing scenes, you can use voice commands or the Hue app. In addition, Echo Hub offers fast access to devices along the bottom menu like security, locks, climate, lights, cameras, switches, plugs, and more.

Screen Quality

The Echo Hub features a 1280 x 800, 8-inch touchscreen, which serves its purpose effectively. Additionally, its text appearance is crisp, video feeds are well clear, and you can see fine details. Although it’s possible to stream Amazon Prime Video content on the device its placement and the basic speakers are not enough.  Moreover, the screen has brightness and excellent reflection handling. Even with sunlight through my windows, you can see the screen display easily.  

Should I Buy The Amazon Echo Hub

If you are considering an Amazon Echo Hub, it might come at a slightly higher price compared to the other Echo Show devices. However, it serves various objectives. For those looking for a centralized hub for their Alexa-based smart home setup, the Echo Hub is currently the best choice.

It supports various smart home standards and features smart home controls, making them easily accessible for you, your family, and any visitors. Moreover, investing in the Amazon Echo Hub is a reasonable decision if you are willing to spend the extra money.

Major Benefits Of Amazon Echo Hub

The innovative touchscreen interface has elevated the Amazon Echo Hub to become a primary device for managing everything in a smart home. It offers quicker options than relying solely on voice commands. Moreover, when you need to adjust the lighting, simply use the brightness slider, and for temperature control, find the on-screen controls.